Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 10 June 2020

I’ve been approached by several people who want me to comment on the current situation in the world. There are so many voices out there who each claim their own truth of the hows and whys of everything that is going on.

This little book, ‘The God Formula’, is my contribution. It holds the answer to any question one might have concerning any crisis, drama and life in general: Awareness of the Image of God within us and the knowledge of how to unfold it in our everyday life.
The book offers sound and everlasting solutions and life changing transformation through the opening of the Heart and the activation of its intelligence.

Whatever crisis or drama we as humans find ourselves in, each and everyone of us carries within us an eternal power, that can heal and restore anything that is broken, fallen or sick to its original state of being. That power and that original state of being is so closely related to the universal law I call The Sacred Law of Light, a cosmic set of ethics, which is the red thread that binds our whole existence together on all planes.
Every time we work against that law we are hurting ourselves and our fellow human beings. Every time we break that law we create disharmony, suffering and sickness. And even when we afterwards are trying to invent all kinds of hollow technologies and superficial medicines in a vain effort to cure the illnesses, we are only creating more noise and more suffering. Why? Because we have totally forgotten who we really are, where we come from, what we are doing here and where we are going and last but not least: The awareness of the Image of God within in which we were born.

The aim of ‘The God Formula’ is, through awareness and practices, to re-connect you to that inner Image of God, and to make it clear that the time has come for you to take responsibility for those powers you were given. The message and the blessing may be huge, but the book itself is so small, that you can carry it with you in a pocket wherever you go.