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The Divine Presence – a conversation with Lars Muhl

Article for the German Engel Magazin from 2020 Text by Naleea Landmann, photos by Anders Rye Skjoldjensen At the other end of the line Lars Muhl answers in a bright voice as I call him at our arranged time for a talk about the Divine Presence. “Just a moment -” I can hear a beautiful […]

Now is when it all begins

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 11 January 2021 Painting by Gert Ørnbøl On 21 December 2020, it was marked, as many have been waiting for and christened ‘The Great Change’. Many have written and asked what this entails. Here is my answer: We have now seriously entered the Age of Aquarius. It is about […]

The Melchizedek alignment – The star of Bethlehem

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 By Lars Muhl, commented by astrologer Andrew Smith During December of 7 BCE, a magnificent bright star shone over the western horizon in the early evening skies. Composed of the two biggest planets in the solar system coming into exact alignment in their closest approach to […]

The great change – Why Christmas in the year 2020 is more important than ever

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 In the last six months, I have received countless requests from various people who want me to comment on the tense situation that humanity is in right now. For me, there is no doubt that we are all, both on the personal and the collective level, […]

Mariam the Magdalene and Yeshua the Nazarene

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 3 November 2020 It is with deeply felt gratitude and joyful pleasure I discover, that more and more scholars are coming to the same conclusion as I did in my second book, ‘The Magdalene’, in my trilogy ‘The O Manuscript’ from 2002, that Mariam The Magdalene was in fact […]

Two inspirational books by Vandana Shiva and Christina Lamb

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 28 August 2020 Here are two books that you absolutely have to read: ‘Oneness vs The 1% – Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom’ by Vandana Shiva. The other one, ‘Our Bodies, Their Battlefield – What War Does to Women’ by correspondent Christina Lamb. Read about the books here: ‘Oneness vs […]

A few words on ‘The God Formula’

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 10 June 2020 I’ve been approached by several people who want me to comment on the current situation in the world. There are so many voices out there who each claim their own truth of the hows and whys of everything that is going on. This little book, ‘The […]

Meeting with an alchemist – Marc Penninck de Landas

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 14 February 2020 I have just visited Paris in connection with Flammarion’s publication of my ‘O Manuscript’ in France. In this connection, the French version of my documentary ‘The Seer’ was also shown, as well as a two-day workshop was shared. But on a personal level, the reunion with […]

Interview with Lars Muhl by Naleea Landmann

Interview from December 2019 NL: I am always deeply moved by the times of music and stillness in your workshops. Could you try to explain what happens in those moments? LM: It is really beyond me. First of all, as a singer, you have to let go of all ambitions of performing. This is very […]

Summer greeting

Blog entry from 27 June 2019 Dear friends, This just to wish you all the best for the summer. The Heavenly Source bless you and keep you. May the Gracious SHM shine and vibrate through you and give you peace. Shlama Alakhoom, Lars

Interview with Lars Muhl by Nina Hall from the blog Berlinbaby

Interview from September 2018 Nina Hall, who is a singer and blogger living in Berlin, has made an interview with Lars Muhl. Nina has asked Lars why he thinks so many kids and young people suffer from depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, and what he thinks we can do to help them. Every month Nina […]

The Grail

Article from Kindred Spirit magazine, jan/feb 2018, issue 155 Author and student of Calle de Montségur (The Seer), Lars Muhl explains the real meaning behind the Grail myth.  Click on the article below to open the PDF.

Lars Muhl, Beach Boys and the spiritual connection

Blog entry from 17 August 2016 Lars Muhl has had a special relationship with The Beach Boys since he was very young. He and his band learned to sing harmonies by listening to The Beach Boys’ music. The overlooked album ‘Friends’ from 1968 is one of Lars’ all time favourite albums and he describes it […]


Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 January 2016 Let’s light a candle. Today January the 1’st the blue angel, moonpristess Sylvia chose to leave the earth-plane. Gudrun SYLVIA Ørnsgaard was initiated in THE ORDER OF THE WORLDMOTHER and was one of twelve women that was initiated in a secret cave in the mountain of […]

New Year’s Model

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 31 December 2015 Atonement instead of punishment Challenge instead of the familiar Compassion instead of cynicism Nearness instead of distance Humor instead of sarcasm Organic instead of mechanical Dynamic instead of static Universal instead of national Generosity instead of greed Altruism instead of egotism Enlightenment instead of escapism Awareness […]

The Hand of Yeshua

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 4 December 2015 This article has been under way for a long time. In reality, it is the result of an entire life’s quest for a higher purpose in life. Since the first tentative step on my spiritual path, I have learned that it’s the unconscious or conscious choice […]

The Historical Jesus

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 September 2015 There probably is no one else, about whom, there has been written more books, than of Jesus. Still, there are scientists and atheists who have doubts about this person, ever having lived. The spiritual research of the past century, however, tells a different story, and that […]

Inspirational Books

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 5 December 2014 THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS IN MY LIFE Swami Nikhilananda: The Upanishads (a new translation) Vol. 1-4 Some of the oldest text on the cosmic reality of everything. A grand perspective of the infinite reality we live in, and the opportunities of humans to merge with the […]

God – Enlightenment & Healing – Now!

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 12 November 2014 Every day, I am being contacted by people, especially young people, who have lost faith in life and are no longer able to find the meaning of being here. And you cannot blame them for that. Because those who should be the role models for the […]

The New Covenant of The Heart

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 21 June 2014 Despite the present situation on the planet, human beings are the most advanced civilisation in the Universe today. Our known history is just a speck of dust compared to the history that can be read in The Book of Life. Through time we have been, and […]

Beach Boys – The Height of Spiritual Music

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 4 April 2014 Books have been written, yes, treatises on Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys and the masterpieces Pet Sounds and Smile. In Denmark, where I was born and raised, American artists in the early sixties, was often published six months to a year later than in the US […]

Ariel Sharon Has Passed – The Messiah Lives

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 21 January 2014 Ariel Sharon passed away 11 January 2014 (exactly on a Sun / Venus conjunction) after being kept in a coma for more than 7 years, artificially. As written in my book ‘Taxo Luma – The story of an Avatar’, a prophecy was linked to the Israeli […]

For My Angel

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 9 January 2014 Look into yourself, you said, even if you knew that I was already in there and just wanted to break out. Look down at the bottom of the soul, you said, even though you knew, I was already down there, and was too little to wish […]

The Unprotected State

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 19 December 2013 In Matthew 4:1-10, we read the description of Yeshua who go out into the desert to fast for forty days. Directly translated from Aramaic, it says that Yeshua was drawn out of his Holy Breath, Rukha dKoodsha and into an unprotected open state. First we need […]

Sunyata and the Site of Silence

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 26 September 2013 The Site of Silence In 1991 I came across a book that immediately caught my attention. The title was Sunyata – The Life & Sayings of a Rare Born Mystic. To me, the picture on the outside seemed to represent a man, but could as well […]

The Madonna of the Broken Heart

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 11 July 2013 From a pilgrimage to Syria 2003. The car jumped over the bumpy road. In front of us we could make out the impressive Convent of Our Lady Saydnaya emerge on the horizon. We were on our way there, to attend the annual celebration of the monastery […]

Crisis Cure

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 5 June 2013 We live in a time of crisis. Everywhere, a great fuss about economical crisis, climate crisis, health crisis, food crisis, etc, is made. Apparently, few are aware of the real crisis we find ourselves in, which is the direct cause of all the other crises: the […]

Into the Flow

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 20 May 2013 All is flowed through the Divine, of Akasha, which is humor, warmth, information, light and love. The Akasha IS our divine identity. The divine energy field that pervades and surrounds us. Our access to this divine Akasha energy is blunted and blurred exclusively, by all our […]

Another Time, Another Place (1964)

English translation of the short story ‘En anden tid, et andet sted’ from Lars Muhl’s Danish books ‘Skyggerejser’ and ‘Drengen der gav den blinde sine øjne’. He was almost 14 when they sent him to Varde for the autumn holidays. He found a window seat at the back of the bus and sat looking out […]

Something in the Air

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 May 2013 Open up your hands and stretch them towards the world. Stop right there! Be still and merge into the moment. Listen, sense, be aware. There’s something in the air. It is loaded with energy. Allow your hand physically to feel this energy. Exactly, as if it […]

Avatar – The Last Airbender

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 18 April 2013 If your child must watch TV, then this animated series is available, the first of its kind in a clean and understandable language communicates the deepest secrets of man’s true path. Besides it being an exciting story of light battle against darkness, one is introduced into […]


Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 15 April 2013 The moment you understand what you have caused another human being, one of the most important processes in the evolution towards the eternity plane, begins. Forgiveness used as a superficial repression mechanism – without complete balance between emotion, thought, word and deed – is an illusion. […]

Spiritual teachers, seers, gurus and archetypes

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 4 April 2013 Teachers, seers, gurus and inspirers have always been a part of the spiritual path. Some more serious than others. No matter the teacher’s status, it is important to understand that he himself continues to be an apprentice. To be a teacher is not in itself a […]

For You

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 April 2013 Recently, I have been approached by a number of people, right from the mature business man who has gone bankrupt to the young, beautiful and intelligent woman who cannot see the meaning of life, and therefore is troubled by suicidal thoughts. All together on a daily […]

I have visited thousands of places

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 20 February 2013 ‘I have visited thousands of places. I have wandered in endless deserts. I now see how often I left my heart for other places, things, ideas, trinkets or the company of fellow men. All in the hope of finding some meaning, a little peace and confirmation […]

Heaven on Earth

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 18 December 2012 In the Gospel according to St Luke, Yeshua is quoted as saying: the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Yeshua spoke Aramaic. A wonderful, almost divine, holographic, universal language, in which every single word or expression has many meanings. In Aramaic, the Kingdom of Heaven is […]