Sadly, the workshop has been cancelled.

Lars Muhl and Githa Ben-David holds the five-day workshop ‘The God Fomula’ at Olrig House in Castletown in Scotland.

We are all enlightened beings, but sometimes we seem to forget that. Now it’s time to raise what has fallen, to heal what has been broken, to connect all the separated dots and to manifest and unfold the Divine Presence within. It is through Divine Presence that we are able to commune with Holy Spirit and each other on a higher frequency. It is time to walk the talk – to be the people we are created to be.

The God Formula with Lars Muhl and his wife, Githa Ben-David, is modeled on the mystery traditions of the Essenes and the therapists of Alexandria. Together, Lars and Githa will create a sacred space, working with the Archangels, practicing Aramaic chanting, vocal practice, sound healing, healing, intuition, joy and silence. Lars and Githa always works intuitively in the holy instant – so no two workshops will be the same. We invite you to show up with an open mind and open heart, so you can receive the passwords to heaven that your soul is asking for.

The first two days of the workshop will be with Lars and the final two days of the workshop with Githa. This gives you an entire day off, to integrate, relax and explore the beautiful surroundings available to us on this retreat.

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About the venue

The Olrig House, the original home of the Sinclairs, will be housing us for the five day workshop.

Address: Olrig House, Castletown, KW14 8SN, Scotland. Website:

Garden tours, bicycles and horse riding is all available on the estate. There are three beautiful golfcourses nearby and we are fifteen minutes away from Castle Mey and the ferry to the Orkney Islands. So there are plenty of things to explore on your day off.

Olrig House is five minutes from the beach, and very close to the beautiful cliffs of Dunnet Head and the Duncansby Stacks.

You will be surrounded by grail mystery, the Olrig House is located on the Saint Michael leyline and is surrounded by astonishing nature.

Transportation: Olrig House is 20 minutes away from the airport (Wick) or the train-station (Thurso). Private shuttles to airport (Wick, Inverness) and train station (Thurso) are available.

Practical information

Price for the workshop in 2021: 6375‬ DKK.

The price includes daily vegetarian lunch, coffee & tea throughout the day.
All meals are made with local and home grown ingredients prepared by our chef.


Participants must book accommodation and transportation to and from the venue themselves. Only meal provided is lunch.

A few rooms is available at Olrig House, and there are plenty of beautiful Air Bnb’s and Bed & Breakfasts close to The Olrig House, so you have plenty of options for accommodation. You have to book this separately.

The workshop

Day 1: The God Formula with Lars Muhl: 9.30-15.30 including lunch break.

Day 2: The God Formula with Lars Muhl part 2: 9.30-15.30 including lunch break.

Day 3: No schedule. Time to explore Scotland on your own.

Day 4: The God Formula with Githa Ben-David: 9.30-15.30 including lunch break.

Day 5: The God Formula with Githa Ben-David: 9.30-15.30 including lunch break.

About the authors

Lars Muhl is a Danish author, mystic and musician, born in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1950.

Lars was for years an internationally acclaimed singer and composer who, along with his musical career, studied the world religions and esoteric knowledge. Studies that began at the age of 15 years.

Then, in 1996, he was struck by an unexplained illness that neither the doctors nor the therapists could diagnose. For three years he was bedridden unable to move or think properly. Thanks to the intervention of a close friend, Lars was put in contact with a seer who, by telephone, brought him back to life.

It was the beginning of a totally new existence, and the beginning of this quest he described so strikingly in his trilogy entitled ‘The O Manuscript’. A trilogy that since 2002 has been sold in 70,000 copies in Denmark. The trilogy is published in numerous countries and has followers around the world.

Lars Muhl says: ‘This retreat is based on everything I’ve worked with over the years: conscious breathing, prayer, rituals, meditation, intuition, healing, singing, healing by sound, energetic work and the ancient practice of conscience by the Essenes, ‘the fire chariot’, with all the practices having the Aramaic language as starting point.’

‘The kingdom of heaven (Malkoota d’Shmeya) is in you and all around you’, says Yeshua in Luke’s Gospel and Thomas’ Gospel. This is the very basic and most important starting point of the workshop – that we can connect to the kingdom of heaven within us.

It is through this inner heavenly kingdom that we understand who we really are, where we come from, what we do here and where we go. This knowledge must be fully integrated in all of us. This is the prerequisite for everything with which we must work during the workshop, and this statement will be a red thread throughout the course.

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Githa Ben-David is a leading international vocal sound therapist, known for her work with The Note from Heaven, born in Juelsminde, Denmark, in 1961.

Her experience ranges from jazz, classical to chanting in India. She has a broad perspective and understanding of sound and how to apply it to our daily lives as a tool for healing and greater insight about ourselves and others.

She has written several books on vocal healing and is running The Gilalai Institute of Energy and Consciousness including Gilalai Publishing with Lars Muhl.

From 1985 to 1993, Githa went to India six times to study classical Khyal singing with Mangala Tiwari. She married an Israeli and lived in Israel 1994 to 1998, working as a musician, therapist and composer.

Githa will introduce us to the magical and enchanted universe of sound that already abide within us. Through her thorough knowledge and many years of experience with vocal healing and practice she will help us go within and discover our innate power, that is waiting to be released.

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