Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 April 2013

Recently, I have been approached by a number of people, right from the mature business man who has gone bankrupt to the young, beautiful and intelligent woman who cannot see the meaning of life, and therefore is troubled by suicidal thoughts.

All together on a daily basis, I am approached by people who cannot find the meaning of life.

This has given rise to the following:


We are Souls who right now are in bodies on the earthly plane. As Souls we have one life. However, this life is eternal. When we leave the earthly plane we leave the physical body, which very quickly turns into compost. We (as Souls) will return to our starting point which I call the Flower of the Soul, to stay with this picture which each of us grow in the Garden of Eden, at the foot of the great creative principle throne, also known as GOD or SPIRIT.

Every Soul is a representative of the creative principle GOD. We always bear the divine essence within us. As a christening gift, every single Soul has got free will. This means that we take responsibility for ourselves and the task we have been assigned every time we incarnate. When life doesn’t turn out the way we had hoped it is solely due to our own choices. So it’s no use that we bemoan our fate or whine at the slightest adversity. Everything we encounter is something that we ourselves have created. Everything we send out will return to us.


Earth is just one of the countless levels of consciousness that Souls can incarnate on. But Earth provides a special consecration called LOVE. We are simply here to learn what love is, how it works and how to unfold it. But it is not referring to love in the honeyed version, as we usually are presented with. Love is not this ‘if-you-like-me-then-I-also-like-you’, bargain-like. If you miss love then GIVE love and give it UNCONDITIONALLY. Yes, whatever you miss it’s exactly what you need to give. This is how TRUE love works.

There is NOTHING to fear. Have FAITH in the UNIVERSE, have TRUST in your fellow man, even if one of them may cheat you, know that it is part of the grand plan, and that it is through the way you react which is decisive for the outcome. NOTHING can hurt you. There is NO death. ALL is just a transition, a bridge, a transformation process that we ALL are a part of, and all must go through. Life is and should be a joyous and pleasant journey – even when we encounter resistance and pain.

When a man who had lost everything called the Seer to complain and to get help, he was greeted with the Seer’s excited voice: ‘Congratulations! Have you really lost EVERYTHING?’ –’Yes’, the man said almost crying. ‘YOU are indeed lucky!’, the Seer laughed with joy, ‘Then you have nothing more to worry about. It’s a great situation you are in, indeed. Congratulations.’

Many wish to be something special and cannot put up with being who they are. But the only way to be something special is giving up the fight to become it. Everyone is unique. Only when you try to be something you are not, you become so common that no one wants to bother with you.

We are here on earth to share our experience, our service and our love. We are here to make ourselves available to God.


No, it’s not. We always live in the consequences of our own deeds. Not only from the current incarnation but also from previous incarnations. Are we overtaken by a heavy disease or condition, e.g. such as cancer, it is not because we are extraordinarily evil or have acted more inappropriately than the one suffering from an ordinary allergy. Physical diseases have primarily something to do with our physical body and hereditary genes. Conditions and diseases is a part of the divine pedagogy which pervades the universe for our benefice. Pain is the messenger and the message is always WAKE UP!

Many great saints and enlightened souls have been overtaken by deadly diseases. Both Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi, just to mention two great masters, died of cancer.


Death, as we usually understand it, is an illusion. Death is just a transition to another form of being. We travel from the physical plane to the spiritual planes. Death is an important initiation. When the individual Soul returns to the Flower of the Soul, the Soul nourishes and waters it with all the experiences it has made at the level from which it has just returned. And during this whole process of initiation, the Soul is surrounded by light beings, also called angels who receive and guide it.

There are other planes of consciousness, other planetary systems and other universes that we can draw experiences from. Yeshua said it very clearly in the New Testament: ‘My Father’s kingdom has many mansions.’


Whatever plane to which we are reborn, it is always with the purpose of learning through our experiences and knowledge, all of which attaches to and become part of creation. Earth has a particularly heavy energy, but it is exactly the type of energy that provides the best conditions to learn about, and to develop true LOVE.


The divine Law of Light says that it is forbidden to take life. Also one’s own. If one takes his own life, one doesn’t avoid problems. Without going into details, I can only say that suicide creates a giant step backwards, which straightforward confronts with the problems you wanted to avoid while you were on Earth. So suicide is not a solution. On the contrary.

All of us can experience a heavy and despondent situation. Yes, it is actually part of the experience, we have to go through here. If we get hit extra hard, we must seek the help of some of our fellow travellers. We are surrounded by brothers and sisters and light beings who are just waiting to offer their help to us. We are here to HELP EACH OTHER.


Yes, there is. It’s called THANK YOU! It’s to show GRATITUDE. Thank you for LIFE and the opportunities it provides for development. Thanks to all those who walked the path before us. Thanks to all of you who right now are making a difference in the love of life and our fellow man without making a big deal out of it.

Read for example of love and forgiveness, as described by Yeshua in the Sermon of the Mount. In my book ‘The Law of Light’ this sermon and much more unfolded according to the language that Yeshua spoke. The psychology behind this language is contemporary psychology and the language that binds the universe together into a meaningful whole full of love.