Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 18 December 2012

In the Gospel according to St Luke, Yeshua is quoted as saying: the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
Yeshua spoke Aramaic. A wonderful, almost divine, holographic, universal language, in which every single word or expression has many meanings.

In Aramaic, the Kingdom of Heaven is called Malkootha d Shm-aya = An exalted, heavenly, eternal state. This phrase contains the Aramaic root word SHM. SHM is that spark of life, that heavenly sound and light, that heavenly identity, the very essence of life, which Yeshua, in another passage, says can never be extinguished and should not be hidden under a bushel. SHM is also that Word that John tells us was in the beginning and through which all was created. SHM is therefore that something, that original essence, that essential substance, which runs through all life.

Isn’t it wonderful that precisely that principle, SHM, which is a prerequisite for every form of life, is hidden within that Aramaic expression for the Kingdom of Heaven (Malkootha d Shm-aya,) that, as Yeshua in fact says, is to be found within us.

We are encouraged, therefore, to let SHM, the power of life and our heavenly identity, find expression through us. It’s not enough to pretend or merely say that we are heavenly, it must also find expression through our actions and in everything we do in this Earthly reality.

It is NOT a coincidence that we find ourselves on this earthly plane. There is so much to do here. So much to be transformed, so many hearts to be opened, so many, that need help. And if it isn’t us in this part of the world, where there is so much material excess, that should develop their spiritual side, and be the ones who spread this excess to all, who should it be?

For many, spirituality is just another form of escapism. If one can’t cope with the world, one can always flee for refuge to the world of the angels etc. The problem is, that when one loses contact with reality, it is suddenly a long way down when the bottom falls out of the rose-tinted cloud. It may mean that one irretrievably breaks one’s wings whilst also losing one’s halo and harp in the fall.

In such a fall only humor can save one, because, as Yeshua says, it’s only the redeemed that can’t be saved.

We must never forget, that WE are THE ANGELS’ HANDS on this earth. It is in US the angel energies plant their good intentions, and it is through US that these should be translated into action.

It is, therefore, our responsibility, that the Earth remains a good place to be. It is our responsibility to help all of those who, for various reasons have difficulty getting through the day and along their path. It is our responsibility to spread the glad tidings, that we are ALL in the same boat, that WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and it, therefore, doesn’t make any sense to desire power over others or to get rich at others’ expense.

We are not put on the Earth in order to rule or to be slaves, but to develop our highest qualities, to expand our consciousness, to give, to help, to sing and love. We are here to transform every type of destructive thought and behavior.

When one fails to do that, one finds oneself, according to the Aramaic language, in Hell. For, just as Heaven is a state, in which we are focused and balanced and present in the here and now, Hell is merely a state that indicates that we are unfocused, unbalanced, not ourselves and therefore unable to accomplish what we have been put onto this Earth to do.

During the process we have to face the dark without losing ourselves in it. Only by knowing it, can we transform it. It is the dark that needs light, and only a pure heart is able to see clearly in the dark.

It has been written: Everything eventually comes on its appointed day – and that day has come at last. It is now, that a totally new, collective, multi-universal consciousness is unfolding itself and is accessible. And we are all invited. Listen to your own intuition!

Sit down for a moment and relax all of your muscles. Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and let yourself go in a great, deep, earthly sigh. Breathe in, right down into your stomach. Notice how your stomach expands on the in breath, and how it relaxes when you breathe out. Imagine, that God or the divine principle is to be found at one end of your breath, while you, naturally, are to be found at the other end, and experience now how you, with each breath, are connected to the creative power.

Your breath is a bridge to God.

It is as easy as that. Practice this conscious breathing as often as possible, but preferably in silence, and notice how SHM in your innermost heart chambers quietly opens up and unfolds itself like a flower.

You are a divine and indispensable being, which is here to make a difference. Use that possibility NOW, even if that means that you have to break norms and habits. From today, nothing will be as before.

In Taxo Luma – The tale of an Avatar, and in my other books, you can read much more about all of this.