Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 3 November 2020

It is with deeply felt gratitude and joyful pleasure I discover, that more and more scholars are coming to the same conclusion as I did in my second book, ‘The Magdalene’, in my trilogy ‘The O Manuscript’ from 2002, that Mariam The Magdalene was in fact a young Jewish woman coming from a well-to-do-background, and that she early on was educated as a so called Moon Priestess. She was the most beloved koinonos or zyzygos of Yeshua The Nazarene, meaning she was not only his partner and companion, but also his lover and wife.

She was the Silver Cup of the tribe of Benyamin that old prophesies foretold would be the wife and companion of the coming Messiah. She was educated by the Therapists at Lake Mareotis in Egypt and later initiated as a Moon Priestess at the temple in Heliopolis.

Shortly after she met up with Yeshua, that had just come out of his last initiation, the 40 days in the dessert, and they were married in Cana. Their wedding is described in The New Testament. After that event the two were inseparable. He was the teacher of the male students and she the teacher of the female. As we can read, she was the one who stood at the cross and afterwards helped anoint Yeshua’s body, preparing it for the tomb. Later she was the first to witness the risen Messiah (Christ) at the very same tomb. And only a close related family member of Yeshua would be allowed to do all that.

Nowhere is there anything that point at her as a simple prostitute. This was something that the Pauline movement wanted to manifest, in order to get her out of the way, so the theology of Paul, that later became the foundation for the Roman Church, could flourish.

The real story about Yeshua and Mariam makes their teachings so much more accessible to us. Now we are able to ‘follow their example’.

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