The Law of Light – The Aramaic Mystery

Publisher: Gilalai
Year of publication: 2010
Language: English

The book is sold out from the publisher Gilalai but a heavily updated version of the book was published by Watkins in 2014: ‘The Law of Light – The Secret Teachings of Jesus’

English extended version of Lars Muhl’s Danish book ‘Det aramæiske mysterium – Namosa d’Noohra’



The Law of Light – The Aramaic Mystery – book by Lars Muhl

Yeshua (Jesus) spoke aramaic. Behind this language, an almost sensational, transpersonal phsycology is hidden. A secret message, that turns central themes in the New Testament upside down.

By reading Yeshuas message through aramaic eyes, new revelatory possibilities unfolds for a religious and sexsual traumatized humanity. Possibilities that once and for all, will settle with centuries old conceptions of sin,and once again connect man with the heavenly spiritual source.

The book contains spiritual practices based on the old mystery traditions of the Nazareens and the Therapeuts of Alexandria.

‘The Law of Light’ is a companion to ‘The O Manuscript’.

Reviews of Lars Muhl’s book ‘The Law of Light – The Aramaic Mystery’

‘Lars Muhl, author of ‘The O Manuscript’ has surpassed himself with ‘The Law of Light’. This is certainly his masterpiece: the teachings of Christ, a guide to a lightness of being which throws a different aspect on life and how to live it well. Like one of Jesus’ apostles, Lars Muhl was given an inside into the Mysteries – the true message of Jesus and we have the privilege that he shares it with us. A book to be read and reread – an indispensable study guide to life.’
Heidi Kay, France,