The Seer

Publisher: Gilalai
Year of publication: 2016
Language: English

English version of Lars Muhl’s Danish documentary film ‘Seeren’.

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A rare and beautiful documentary by Lars Muhl about his spiritual mentor Calle de Monts├ęgur, also known as the Seer.

The Seer was not only capable of diagnosing and curing people across the globe using distance healing, he was also able to read ‘The Book of Life’, where the destiny of mankind is recorded.

Lars Muhl became an apprentice to The Seer after he healed Lars from a debilitating long-term illness that no doctor could diagnose. The film is based on unique footage of The Seer recorded by Lars when they first met in 1998, and covers the three years Lars was an apprentice to The Seer.

This is an intimate first-hand account of The Seer in his element at the sacred mountain of Montsegur in southwestern France. The film is an opportunity to journey with Lars through his initiations by one of the most important healers of our time. The Seer shares several messages vital to understanding the current state of the world and changing the status quo.