Yeshua – Lost in Translation

Publisher: Vision Film
Year of publication: 2016
Language: English

Watch some clips from the film here

Unfortunately, the film isn’t available online, but segments from it have been reused in the film ‘The Gate of Light’.



Yeshua – Lost in Translation – a film by Ole Bernt Frøshaug and Lars Muhl

‘There is no hell, no heaven, no sin and the Jesus of the church is an invention’.

Introduction by Ole Bernt Frøshaug

My name is Ole Bernt Frøshaug. I am a documentary film maker ( and is also working in Afrika with projects to counteract climate change, deforestation and poverty (

For many years I have wondered what happened to Christianity in the western world. How it came to be that most people, being members of the Christian Church, don’t seem to take Jesus’ message seriously. In a time of terror and fundamentalism we might need to review our traditional cultural and religious viewpoints. Could I find a more inspiring interpretation of Jesus than the story the church have promoted for almost 2000 years?

In order to get an answer, I decided to look for someone, who was not a theologian, an atheist, a scientific scholar or a priest from the church, but rather someone who had been studying Jesus freed from any dogma.

I found that person. A Danish mystic, musician and author, a free spirit, who since his early youth have been studying Jesus, the scriptures, and Aramaic, the language, Jesus spoke.