Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 September 2015

There probably is no one else, about whom, there has been written more books, than of Jesus.

Still, there are scientists and atheists who have doubts about this person, ever having lived. The spiritual research of the past century, however, tells a different story, and that is the one, being outlined here.

1.The God Jesus, being the only Son of God, born of a virgin, is a construct, made by the Roman Church. The Aramaic word yeheeday, is translated wrongly as the Only but really, it means unique, or the first-born. The Aramaic word alma,which is translated meaning virgin, in fact means pure, unsullied, enlightened young girl

2. Jesus was a jew, his name was really YESHUA. But modern Jews do not recognize Yeshua, while today’s Christians do not understand him.

3. Yeshua was born in Bethlehem. The year cannot be stated exactly, but was presumably between 4 BC and 4 AD.

4. Yeshua’s parents were Yoasaph and Mariam. Yoasaph was not a carpenter but a building owner or architect which means: he had knowledge of the Scriptures and of God’s creation. They were both Essenes, which was one of the three major Jewish religious sects. The Essenes were vegetarians and had insight of the scriptures. We know that they existed c 150 BC to c 100 AD Their primary purpose was to prepare the way for the coming Messiah. Mesiach (The Messiah): is Aramaic which as the Greek Christos means The Anointed. The Essenes had universities on Mount Carmel and by the Dead Sea, where the scriptures of this sect, was found in 1947. In those scriptures, being the only place, ever, wordings being completely identical to the wordings in Sermon on the Mount, were found. The Essenes were influenced by the Zarathustra-tradition, the Chaldeans, and through there, also influences from Buddhism is seen, as well as influences from the Egyptian mystery schools. Nevertheless, we are looking at a totally unique cosmology, which is not to be found, elsewhere, in a similar way. Many have been wondering why the Essenes are not mentioned in the New Testament when both the Sadducees and Pharisees, have been mentioned. This is due to the fact, that it is the Essenes who have written the Aramaic gospel of source, which is the basis of all the other gospels, both in the New Testament and the Gospels that were found in Nag Hammadi in 1945. The Essenes were healers, prophets, scribes, vegetarians who knew all about astrology and astronomy, herbs and plants, as well as the spiritual reality of the human being, and therefore knew all about reincarnation etc.

5. Nazareth, did not exist as a city, at Yeshua’s time. The name refers to a branch of the Essenes community, the Nazarenes, who had a community, placed where today’s Nazareth, is. Nazarene / Nazira means: He, who knows, or The Initiated. Therefore, Yeshua Nazira was Yeshua The Initiated. He was brought up in the community of the sect, and was from his twelfth year to the thirtieth, taught at the Essenes’ universities at Carmel and by the Dead Sea. Yeshua also traveled to Persia, Kashmir and Egypt to study under the supervision of Essene teachers. The report on Yeshua supposedly having visited a Tibetan Buddhist monastery is a myth, while the Tibetan Buddhism didn’t emerge until the 8th century. Similarly, it is a myth that Yeshua should be buried in Kashmir. It can be established, by almost a hundred percent certainty, however that Yeshua, was buried in a family tomb, located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Read more about this, in the documentary and the book: The Jesus Family Tomb.

Yeshua’s family tomb, was found in 1980 during construction work, and is now sandwiched between apartment buildings in the Talpiot area, between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, in the exact same place, Yeshua was born. The matter of being buried, at the place, you came from, was a common practice among Jews. This practice also matches the Essenes philosophy: that everything will return to its starting point, in the end. The tomb contained six so-called small ossuaries, stone boxes for storing the bones of the deceased. On the stone boxes, the names of Yeshua and his family, were engraved: ‘Yeshua Bar Yoasaph’ (Yeshua son of Joseph), and ‘Mariamene Mara’ (Mariam the Master), the two were standing side by side in one vault. ‘Yoasaph’ and ‘Mariam’ (Mary), those two, were also side by side in a seperate vault. ‘Yacov Bar Yoasaph akhui diYeshua’ (Yacob son of Joseph, brother of Yeshua), ‘Yehuda bar Yeshua’ (Judah son of Yeshua), ‘Matya’ (Matthew). Above the entrance, the sign of the Nazarenes, was engraved: an inverted chevron with a circle inside, symbolizing God’s eye.

6. Hundreds of years before Yeshua, the Essenes prophesied the Teacher/Messiah of Justice, who was to come, but that would be crucified, etc. When the signs in the sky, turned, three of the oldest essenes, from the monastery by the Dead Sea, east of Bethlehem, drew out to find the new incarnation of the Teacher of Justice. And as we read, they found Yeshua in one of the guest houses of the Essenes, just outside Bethlehem.

7. Yeshua went through an essene, rabbinic training, which gave him the right to preach in the synagogues, as we read in the New Testament,. As a rabbi/teacher/pastor, Yeshua had to be married, of necessity. This was the law for all rabbis. He was engaged to Mariam Bath Benyhamin (Mariam, the daughter of the tribe of Benjamin),when he was 18 and she 14 years old. The marriage was enforced a few years later, and is described in the New Testament, in the story of the Wedding at Cana.

8. Mariam Bath Benyhamin was educated with The Therapeutae, in Alexandria where she got the initiation name Magdal, the Exalted. This status gave her, according to the Jewish laws, the right as Yeshua’s equal, to anoint him. This, she did on several occasions, two of which are described in the New Testament. After one of the anointings Yeshua said: ‘For this deed, she shall be remembered, eternally.’ In the Gospel of Philip from Nag Hammadi, we read that Mariam, was that disciple: who Yeshua loved the most, and the one, he often, kissed on the mouth. Genuinely, married couples, however, did not go around kissing each other, in full public, so did the initiated, on the other hand. This is how they recognized and acknowledged each other. Just, think about The Kiss of Judahs, showing Judah to also be an initiated.

9. Yeshua’s last initiation, before he began his mission, was made ​​by the Essene Yohannan the Baptist (John) at the River Jordan, 7 km from the Essenes University by the Dead Sea. Following the christening initiation,Yeshua went through the final ordeal, staying forty days in the desert, which means to place oneself in an open unprotected state. This took place in the cave, which today is described as Cave 4, near the ruins of the Essenes’ University at Qumran.

10. After the wedding at Cana, Yeshua and Mariam were inseparable, and they traveled around Israel with an entourage of male and female disciples. Yeshua taught the male- and Mariam the female students.

11. Several of the male disciples, including Shimon Petrus (Simon Peter), did not understand Yeshua’s role as the Messiah. He, and several of the disciples expected that Yeshua had to take the role of worldly king of the Jews’ kingdom in which they would play crucial roles. ‘Away with you, Satan’, Yeshua, exclaims impulsively, as it dawns, on him that Shimon doesn’t understand anything. Also, it is Shimon Peter,then who is the rock, upon which the Roman Church later built.

12. It is Shimon Petrus’ misunderstanding of Yeshua’s purpose, that ultimately leads to Yeshua’s crucifixion. And when Mariam Magdal, seek out the other disciples telling them that she: ‘in a vision had seen her beloved, been raised from the tomb’ she only barely avoids, being stoned by Shimon Petrus and some of the other disciples. From then on, we hear no more of her in the New Testament.

13. After Yeshua’s death, confusion arose, especially, among the male disciples. People found it hard, to accept that it was a woman, namely Mariam Magdal, which in fact, was the only one, who was able to carry on Yeshua’s mission. Her tradition had to go underground, but we are able to follow it in eg The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Mary and others, authored by the Essenes, who understood Yeshua’s true mission as Teacher or Messiah of Justice, and Mariam Magdals role in it. This is the tradition that is now slowly spreading, not only among Christians in the West, but also among Jews worldwide.


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