Lars Muhl’s Danish book ‘Det Knuste Hjertes Visdom’ has now been published in English as ‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’ by Gilalai.

Description of the book
‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’ contains the essence of the secret teachings taught by Yeshua (Jesus) the Nazarene and Mariam (Mary) the Magdalen two thousand years ago. Over the years, the teachings have been revealed on a regular basis in fragments and scattered glimpses, but this book hereby creates a synthesis of the beautiful wisdom of the complete human being.

The book is a result of Lars Muhl’s many years of spiritual studies and experiences, a timeless wisdom, which speaks to the multidimensionel in every human being. In a time when we as humans are being challenged in more than one way, it is Lars’s experience that it is through the pain that most of us experience, and by understanding the deeper meaning of pain, that we are in fact being given a unique opportunity for a breakthrough at the spiritual plane.

As Lars says: ‘We are all potential healers, and if there is anything the world needs right now, it is exactly healers.’

The book is bound in imitation leather and has a format so you can have it in your pocket.

Reviews of the book
‘The creation of the world, the wisdom and insights of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, breathing exercises, singing, dancing and angels, Lars Muhl covers many of the questions that the serious seeking human encounters on his/her path. Lars Muhl’s personal insight and painful experiences give the book a depth and authenticity that is breathtaking.’
Steen Hildebrandt (professor, Denmark)

‘Read this book and be deeply touched in the corners of your heart – open your hand to the sky and set your bird free.’
Githa Ben-David (author, Denmark)

‘A meeting with Lars Muhl is a meeting with spirit, yes, with love.’
Lone Hertz (actress, Denmark)

‘Lars Muhl has reached the core of the most important wisdom teachings – The teachings of the Heart. The merging of feminine and masculine energies on several levels.’
Elfinn Moen (Masonic brother, Norway)

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