Video from Charlottenlund, Denmark, 8 October 2017

Live talk by Lars Muhl Lars on how to reconnect to the heavenly spiritual source.

Whether we call ourselves religious or not, whether we profess to a particular religion or not, we all have at all times the opportunity to connect to the omnipresent, overall intelligence who is behind everything created, and who some call God, others Allah, Allaha, Yehowa, Nirvana, Tao and so on.
Some believe in this God without knowing, others do not believe in God but on the other hand believe in so much else, for example the monetary system, capitalism, consumerism, communism, FC Barcelona, Manchester United or anything.
Regardless, it seems that the long row of objects of belief are only partially able to close the hole in our constant demand to satisfy all our needs. We must grow up and take responsibility for our own existence. And we were born with all the opportunities. Why have we forgotten them? And how do we find them again?