Lars Muhl besøger Baarn, Amsterdam, i Holland for at afholde et foredrag, hvor han taler med forfatter Ton Van der Kroon om Maria Magdalene, samt en 2-dages workshop: ‘The Light within a Human Heart’. Arrangmenterne vil være på engelsk.

Talk on Mary Magdalene with author Ton Van der Kroon
Time: 4 October 2019 at 20.00-22.30.

During this evening both Lars Muhl & Ton Van Der Kroon will inspire you with their direct knowledge and experience of Mary The Magdalene.

In our present time she is acknowledged by the Catholic church as the apostel of the apostels, the one that was always in Jesus his direct presence and who was the first who saw him after his resurrection. But what is written in between the lines? Why is she so important and gets the interest of so many men and women in the 21th Century? What does she represent? And what messages of wisdom does she want to share with us?

Join us for this amazing lecture, with Q&A.

Workshop: The Light within a Human Heart
Time: 5-6 October 2019 at 10.00-17.00.

Submission: To create sacred space, for Spirit to unfold freely. Through teaching, chanting, prayer, meditation, storytelling, humour and silence, to open up hearts and to activate the light within it. To bring healing wherever healing is needed.

​Background: Since his youth Lars Muhl has been studying Jesus and The Essene Mystery tradition. In 1983 he started a thorough study of Mary The Magdalene and Jesus’ deep significance as archetypes for our time. Lars started to study the Aramaic language of Jesus in 1988, and found in it the key to the esoteric teachings of Christ. For seven years he was the ’wizard’s apprentice’ of the seer Calle de Montégur, today revered as one of the genuine mystics of our time.

Lars Muhl has written 22 books, of which the triology ’The O Manuscript’ containing ’The Seer’, ’The Magdalene’ and ’The Grail’ is his main work. The three books have been translated into 12 languages and published in 25 countries. His study on the Aramaic language, ’The Law of Light’ and his book on The Essenes and their healing methods, ’The Gate of Light’ is published in English.

Practical information
Place: Conferentiecentrum Drakenburg, Dr. Albert Schweitzerweg 1, 3744 MG Baarn, The Netherlands.
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