Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 12 November 2014

Every day, I am being contacted by people, especially young people, who have lost faith in life and are no longer able to find the meaning of being here. And you cannot blame them for that. Because those who should be the role models for the young people, do not believe in life, anymore but are in the process of enriching themselves at the expense of others, to usurp power and funds, in that way, to feel that one has importance and that life has some kind of meaning, while others, have given up and instead of exploring themselves and unfold the spiritual life, are captured in front of the screen. Many of the disillusioned young people are more and more often being equipped with a diagnosis, and are caught in a straitjacket of medication. Medication may be necessary in a jiffy, but not as a permanent solution throughout all one’s life. Young people who are medicated for years, may find it very difficult to return to the original, sensitive state, which is a prerequisite for someone to unfold his or her spiritual potential. Not only, is it an admission of failure that antidepressants are the only answer, society offers these young people, but it is fatal to us all. Forcing circles and triangles into square boxes, can’t be done, unpunished.

The True

Young people seek the true. If they do not meet people who truly rest in themselves, who have unfolded ​​their spiritual side, the young person will intuitively, sense that something is missing. When this deficiency appears to include all of society, life easily becomes a dull desert, where the individuals find it difficult to thrive.

However, help is available, because fortunately, not everyone has lost the spiritual breath. There are still some people, who have not yet given up looking for meaning, in the seemingly meaningless. And thank God for that! Without them, it would be pretty dark looking, with that future, which, granted, can be difficult to see. And all of us who seek knowing our spiritual side, have a responsibility. It is we, who must show the young people how life can be, also. We must tell our story, and pass on our experiences. Not because young people should take them on, blindly but because it is important for them to know, that you and others chose to do something different than what leads to alienation, escape and meaninglessness.

My Jesus

My own quest started when I was 12 years old. Despite a completely irreligious upbringing, I came to harbor a burning fascination for the figure of Jesus, who then, was attached to the traditional view. Still, I had a gut feeling that there was more to the Jesus story than what was preached at church. I was so ‘fortunate’ that I already at the age of 12, developed some painful psychic powers, that made ​​me able to ‘see’ that the reality was multidimensional. It was scary, but it meant that quickly in my life, I had proof that human life was other than a laborious toil to be something in the material world.

It was when I in 1969, 18 years old, during a 3-months tour in Israel, with the band Daisy, that I first came close to something original in relation to Jesus. Beyond the conflict between Jews and Palestinians, there is something archaic in the Holy Land, deep down, beneath the uproar and the fundamentalist religiosity, something universally spiritual, much more in tune with the Jesus / Yeshua which I, until then, had worn, secretly at the bottom of my heart. And considering the fact that we one day played on the bank of the Sea of Galilee, followed by a concert in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth, etc., it is hardly any wonder that something which was bigger than I had previously experienced, was opened up to.

Yeshua’s Language

The next breakthrough, came when I in the eighties, discovered Yeshua’s language, Aramaic, and the power that this language possesses. It was only through that, that I began to understand the depth and the many facets, being hidden in Yeshua teachings in the New Testament. In these teachings a certainty and understanding of God and the concept of God unfolds, that never quite, it seems, has been understood by the Protestant church. Therefore unexpectedly, it is through one of the new gods of today: science, which by quantum physics and holographic hypotheses and theories, perhaps without even knowing it, approaches Yeshua’s hidden teachings, before mentioned.

Natural Science and the Ancient Scriptures

Many scientists of our time, have realized that the physical world, is no longer explained by natural means but that it is through the involvement of metaphysics of the existence, only that it will be possible, to break through the veil of ignorance. That side of science which has taken metaphysics in, agrees with Yeshua’s teachings: the universe is being flowed through by information and is guided by an underlying, overall awareness, which apparently does not leave anything to chance. However, It has not yet reached the point, where as this force has been named. But according to this part of science, everything is connected and meaningful.

Imagine, it’s an insight people have had since the beginning of time immemorial. In many of the oldest scriptures, handed over we find examples to this. Therefore it makes sense to re-read and study these scriptures. After all, why reinvent the wheel, twice? Yes, perhaps even truths and wisdom is hidden there, which yet has to be unfolded?

The Important Choice

As I mentioned earlier: is the whole of our existence about choice. Because man was given the free will for his birthday. Is one lost in the physical world, solely, forgetting that man is first and foremost a spiritual being, that’s when the heart sands up and life at some point ends up being meaningless. After all, there is a limit to the amount of time most people are able to remain on the brutish phase, where the wise fool the less clever, etc. Once, one finally understands that there is more to life than own, more or less selfish needs, a new world opens: heart reality. That moment, the meaningless turns to meaningful. It does not make the existential pain of life disappear, here and now. The wars and greed, violence and harassment continues, but we do begin to see things in a broader perspective. This means that we must stay grounded, seeking God, in the same time. And it is, in my opinion, the only thing we have to do. It also means, that we must preserve our discernment ,having a sense of responsibility in relation to what we are part of, society and the problems associated with it. We are healers at all levels. Not only in the intangible, but also in the tangible world.

The Low-Astral Chaos

If possible, there must be made room to immerse ourselves meditatively and contemplatively, always. It can be difficult when we find ourselves in a low-astral chaos of loss, envy, anger, hatred, self-pity, inferiority, megalomania, deception, fear, hopelessness and apathy. I don’t know of anyone, who is not lost in this chaos, identify with it and think that this is the whole reality, for a while. It is something we all must go through, and now and then fall back into. And it is the extent of our identification with this chaos, which is the main reason that the great absurdity becomes so monumental, that we can not see an end to it. That is why it is so important that every day we remember who we really are, where we come from, what we’re doing here and where we are headed.

The Sensitive Human

A human being is born as a multi-dimensional and sensitive creature. When we are born, we carry all the knowledge with which we are later hunting for, provided that we do not just lose interest in i, because we are so totally absorbed by the noise, colors and glitter that surrounds us. A newborn baby, rests more in his spiritual body than in the physical, still and is thus much more than most adults, in connection with its Heavenly Source.

If we had spiritual midwives who were aware of these contexts, a newborn baby’s entrance to the world, would be far more optimal. This of course is also the case for the child’s upbringing, to the need for teachers and role models, who are aware that we are first and foremost spiritual beings, who have incarnated into a physical body, and for the assignment is equipped with a number of senses, the breath and the mind, that makes it possible to correspond with the physical world. And although any new person has to find his bearings through the senses and the mind, it must never forget its spiritual essence which after completion of life on Earth, leaves the body and travels back through the spiritual planes back to square one, the Heavenly Source, or God.


Across the world, people report how they dramatically, have experienced ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), NDE (Near-death-Experience) and OBE (Out-of-Body-Experience), extraordinary conditions that clearly shows, that the human is more than a physical body.

As a child, after my little sister’s death, I experienced, that the shock opened up to a sensitivity which meant that suddenly, I could identify with other people’s pain, physically and mentally. Suddenly, I could see behind the masks most people hide behind, hear when a person’s word was not consistent with what he really meant. It was like a veil was drawn away, and it was scary. I could not cope being among a lot of people, were sensitive to sound, played truant and sought solitude in the woods around Aarhus or in the many churches of the city, where I could sit in a corner for hours and listen when organists practiced. It was then, I saw Johan Sebastian Bach’s music, as being the closest I could come to Heaven and the Heavenly Source, at the time.


Later, I had several out-of-body-experiences. Once, pretty straightforward, when I fell asleep at the wheel and didn’t wake up until the car was hitting a Northern French guardrail at 87 miles per hour and I then, rushed through a white tunnel, while the body was fighting its own desperate struggle to survive in a car, that rolled over sideways and collided head-on, before it flew off a cliff and landed 16’ down in a field. I also remember the moment returning to my body through the crown Center, at the top of the head, hearing a noise which reminded more of the cork being pulled out of a bottle, just as the soul re-united with the mortal frame. If the car e.g., had hit a tree or a wall, I would not have had a body to return to and then my journey, through the white tunnel, would have brought me back to the place I first came from, at one time.


Near-death-experiences is another phenomenon which more and more report having undergone. Common to most of these experiences, is that one suddenly find oneself outside the body, it may be, e.g., in connection with an accident, surgery or an illness. Then comes the trip through the white tunnel. Many experience to be received ‘on the other side’ by loving light beings, by Jesus or an angel. This is such a peaceful state, where the experience of unconditional love, is complete. Therefore, the majority does not want to return to the physical life. But often that is rejected, since the person still has something that needs to be done, in life. It makes sense, that such radical experience forever, changes the person who has been exposed to it.

The Process of Death

Such news ought to give us the opportunity of changing the attitude towards death and the process of dying, in the Western world. According to the ancient scriptures, that process is just as important as is the birth process. Both processes are consecrations, and are transitions from one reality to another. And as well as we have a midwife to receive us at birth, we should also have Heaven-mothers to send us off, in a way that takes care of this important impact of process on the afterlife. Not many, are aware that a dying person, who may appear to be in a coma, is delirious etc., is able sensing and hearing, both. Actually, hearing, is one of the last senses to be shut down. So one should be tactful, in relation to what is said, close to a dying person.

The process of death is, as mentioned, a transitional phase, in which the human being settles its various bodies, the etheric and astral etc. which are folding into each other, before the soul let go and the silver cord that connects it to the body, bursts. My own experience is that the use of anesthetics, morphine and the like, should be avoided, as far as possible, as it is suitable that the dying person is as clear as possible, in the transition phase.

The Importance of Dreams

Everyone experiences dreams at night, but it’s rare that one remembers what he dreamed. In our part of the world, we don’t attach dreams great importance, but consider dreams to be unreal, internal images that are unfolding, ​​while we sleep. Sometimes, we have so-called nightmares that just leaves us perplexed, and thus only is the occasion of us forgetting them, as soon as possible, preferably. But right from man’s first time on Earth, dreams have had a significant impact, in older and other cultures. The dreams are partly stored matter in the subconscious, expressing themes in our lives we have suppressed but which is now coming to the surface, to be seen and recognized, while other dreams may be prophetic. I think that most people recognize, having dreamed a dream that leaves such a big impression that it colors the following days. It is the big dreams that have something important to tell us. And it may be disastrous for us, if we do not take note of the messages of the dreams. Many diseases occur, precisely for that reason. Therefore, it is a good idea to have paper and pencil or a dictaphone, lying on the bedside table, so that upon waking, on can memorize impressions, immediately. Even if, you do not seem to remember the details, then the fact of just recording a color, a sense, may be enough to open up further. If one doesn’t know the meaning of symbols, it can be close to impossible, to understand anything of the content of the dreams, at all. Therefore, it is advisable to get hold of one or more symbol dictionaries, or you may join a dream group, where the participants share their dreams, while a teacher interpret the symbols and the different layers.


What is Christianity to do with all this? Maybe nothing. But Jesus or Yeshua has. That, may be seen through the deeds he performed, according to the New Testament and partly through his teachings, which appear when read through the Aramaic glasses. Therefore, it ought to be the supreme task of Christianity and the Church to convey this knowledge to the congregation.

‘Follow my example, and you will do even greater wonders than I’, said Yeshua in the New Testament. This means that Yeshua encourages us to gain knowledge of whom we are, where we come from, what we’re doing here and where we are headed. All of these questions, Yeshua is answering in the New Testament. Yeshua himself, lived and worked to help other people. Partly, through cures, healing, metaphysical teaching through parables, miracles, contemplation and prayer. So what are we really waiting for. Although, many may not be members of the established church, anymore then most of us are baptized and confirmed in it, so Yeshua really should not be such a stranger to us, as is the case.

Yeshua was trained by the Essenes, partly at the School of the Prophets, established by Elijah on the Carmel Mountain, by the Essen University in Qumran by the Dead Sea, and partly by the Therapists in Alexandria. He got an insight into the art of healing, prophetic sense, interpretation of dreams and the power of prayer and sound, well, in everything that constitutes The Law of Light. And that is the one, Yeshua urged us to follow, repeatedly. Yeshua’s parables reveal the relationship between the universe and the cosmos, the measurable and the immeasurable, the manifested and transcended. Yeshua perceived both worlds with the transcended vision. He saw through the veil of the manifested world. He became one with the divine light that flows through everything, but only is visible to those with eyes that are able to see, and ears able to hear. That means by those, who are awakened and therefore always are awake. Light, meaning not only the earthly light, as we know it in our universe, but rather the spirit that pervades everything in cosmos.

The Law of Light

In my book ‘The Law of Light’, I have tried to pass on, the result of the work of many years, with Yeshua esoteric message,as is hidden in the New Testament. Every day, new material appears, and in a new and significant extended English version, ‘The Law of Light – The Secret Teachings of Jesus’, which will be published this fall in all English-speaking countries, my latest research is updated.

It feels as a great privilege, to be allowed to work with these insights, and I am delighted, beyond words, to share them with anyone who feels ready to begin a new chapter, in the spiritual life. For that is what the New Testament keeps: spiritual guidance and answers to the deepest questions of life.

Forget about the more or less, large or small, inferiority or megalomania. Forget the bickering of the personality. Forget about comparing yourself to others. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others grow up in straitened circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances in which we grow up, all must go through trials and tribulations that can not be compared. Any pain is relative. Each of us, are children child of God / The Heavenly Source, and we are here on Earth, right now, for a very specific reason. We have an assignment here. Therefore, it is important that we do not lose sight of this task. We do not have to strive and toil to achieve our goal. We can sing and dance, love and rejoice parallel with meditating, praying, and unfolding our true potential, the compassionate heart, the healing hand, the prophetic vision and life everlasting. No one is insignificant, nothing happens by chance, everything has meaning. We all bear the Law of Light in our hearts. Never give up! Even when we are in the darkest and deepest valley of life, we need to understand that in any problem, in any disease, in any yoke, lies a divine gift. The art is to find it, to see it, to use it for something constructive and good.

The Moment of Truth

Day or night, every minute, yes in every breath throughout life, a human being may unite with the sacred. Throughout life, from morning until night, day in and day out, we are surrounded by signs, helpers and guides. In order to see the signs and receiving the instructions, we must always be alert. This is what a so-called religious or spiritual life is all about. In fact, we have everything we need, in order to develop our spiritual potential. But it takes patience. And it is only a minority who in possession of such.

Here is an example in a simple practice: Flnd a quiet place at home or in nature. Light a candle. Turn your attention inward. Establish the deep ​aware breath and rest in it. Let the thoughts be what they will be, and if any use. this mantra: ‘I am’ on the inhalation in the heart, and ‘Love’ on the exhalation, to keep the mind in check. Focus on the heart. Feel how it opens up like a lotus flower. In the right moment, you enter into the inner chamber of the heart into the most sacred of the sacred. there you present your business. No ‘give me this’ or ‘give me that’, but rather ‘show me the right path, help me to understand the cause of this problem’, or anything that may help you to accomplish your task.

We’ve gotten an incredible gift with us. When our intentions are freed from the ego/the need of the personality for the eternal satisfaction of our lust, are freed from the general fear of life, we are able to participate in the creation which is still unfolding, with a single pure thought, a single well-intentioned word. Our thought, our words and actions have far greater impact than we are realizing. That is why it is said that one should think carefully, before wishing for something, the wish could come true, and it is not certain that we are ready to live with the consequences of this fulfillment of wish, right now.

Search the silence in the heart and mind and become fused with God, in the moment of truth through reflection, contemplation and prayer. It is a possibility, open to all. But only when we are seeking, sincerely and are in possession of the purest intentions.

If you have never practiced prayer before, then it may seem artificial and strange in the beginning, but with a little practice, you will find that it is incredibly simple and that it only requires that you are able to put the everyday noise behind you, for a moment. That’s where you fuse with God. You can also use this heart-moment to send healing and light to someone who needs it. You can ask questions and get answers. The answer may not come immediately, but may grow in your heart and mind for a few days. Practice receiving and seeing the signs and answers. That is what we are created for, as human beings. To think, speak and act through the heart.

The Meaning of Existence

When we are young, we should be filled with a curious urge to explore. We are driven by ambitions to be somebody, one that others may respect, either because we are good at what we do, or because we have status and are making good money. For centuries, people have developed norms that are constantly changing but primarily expresses the majority understanding of what the meaning of life is, right now. If one isn’t able to be driven forward by these set of rules, it’s hard to live in a society that is not able, to look past these rules. And I think, that many of the souls who are incarnated now, are having more and more difficulty, by letting themselves be constrained, by norms which prevent them from unfolding the spiritual potential. Intuitively, these young people sense that if they have to play a role and be able to solve the problems of humanity and the planet is facing, then these norm-set- of-rules must be dissolved because they always represent the lowest common denominator.

It is remarkable, that we very rarely see male and female financiers radiate light and happiness. This isn’t said to stigmatize them, but just to show what unilateral financial thinking which is always in search of new prey, does to man. It’s that twitch of lips with the corner of the mouth turning down-wards and the joyless firm look in the eyes, which are also often seen with politicians. It is no wonder that young people, are not attracted to such an energy.

Basically, it is strange because history clearly shows that virtually no one becomes happy by amassing a fortune,things and stuff together. No one can take the assets or things and stuff with them from here, and those who inherit these assets and stuff and things, may probably be materially privileged but are frequently dissatisfied in all other areas, as well. You can buy yourself to a lot of things, but not to life’s inner meaning. That is where the spirit and spiritual life comes in. It is no wonder that so-called modern people of today, find it difficult coping with the Christian message, as taught in our churches. The fervour is missing, mostly and the teachings communicated, are only a pale shadow of the doctrine, the hero of Christianity, Jesus / Yeshua was trying to give to humanity.

I once had a friend whose motto was: ‘It is better to be rich and well in a Cadillac, than sick and poor in a Skoda’. All his life, he hunted the quick money but died of abuse, before he was forty years old.

I have had several wealthy people, who came to see me because they could not find joy, in life. Someone, who was president of his own company, worked virtually around the clock because he felt it as his duty. His family life was capsized but he argued, adamantly that it was for the sake of the family, that he toiled.

Another, who was also a president, but in a large multinational company, could not find joy in his life. He was a parachutist, climbed the highest mountains, walked through the Sahara desert, ran marathon and iron man and the like, to get the adrenaline shock, but little did it help. When I asked him, to look inwards to confront his inner desert, he first drew back, startled. Today, he has rediscovered the meaning of his life. He currently works as a financial adviser. He is aware, that if there is something which is needed, it is the spiritual economists, focusing on economic solutions that will benefit the community, rather than a limited group of private investors, who are only looking for profit.

The meaning of life? What can I do for you? How can we help each other? I hereby, make myself available, to the heavenly powers. Together we can make a difference. Through the healing of all that is torn and broken, we become one with God and complete the Creation.