Interview from December 2019

NL: I am always deeply moved by the times of music and stillness in your workshops. Could you try to explain what happens in those moments?

LM: It is really beyond me. First of all, as a singer, you have to let go of all ambitions of performing. This is very hard to explain to professional singers, because most of them are first of all performers. When I am able to let go of my old ambitions, it feels like a field of light that opens, which is connected to the heart. I feel a very strong connection with everybody participating, and in that moment we become one.

NL: What are the main messages or the understandings you would like to share with people through your books and your lectures and workshops?

LM: That there is a very special kind of freedom available, if we have the guts to look within – instead of outside of ourselves. There is an essence of compassion and light within us that connects us to higher levels of consciousness, which, as I have experienced it, will take humanity to the next level. Without that step, it is doubtful that we will survive as a species.

NL: In 1995 you wrote a song with the title ‘Europa’. What is the story in this song?

LM: That song was a kind of prophecy about the big migration-problem that we have only seen the first little snip of. It was about all the homeless people, about the choices we make, and that each one of us could be without a home tomorrow. It is funny that some people actually think that they can cut themselves off from everything that they don’t like. No one is an island. When this world goes down, we will all go down with it. Therefore we actually have no choice but to start working together.

NL: How do you think change in everyday-life can truly happen for people? What would be the most important things to focus on?

LM: By starting to focus on our inner powers. To activate them through practice. And to understand, that we don’t need to sit in a lotus position or in a meditation room all day, but that we can practice everywhere – in the supermarket or on the breakfast table too. That is some of the things I’d like to give to people who don’t know what to do.

NL: There is a saying in the English language: ‘To walk the talk’ – meaning to be able to integrate and apply the knowledge and understanding which one mentally or intellectually has. What was your most recent experience where you were able to live a realization in your everyday-life?

LM: I feel Spirit very present every second of my life. I see it everywhere, in the eyes and hearts of people I meet. It is everywhere. And I am in complete awe of it every time I experience it. It helps me through the darker days too. Without it I would be nothing, I would be miserable.

NL: What is your wish for humankind?

LM: That we will start seeing what’s really important in this life. To give up all the nonsense that seem to take up all of our time. You see, a lot of people come to me and say: what fun would life be, if we cannot eat steaks, go to the cinema, drink beer and have fun. I tell you, that when you are connected to your Inner Kingdom, it is as if you have suddenly got your true eyesight back. You can suddenly see, that if you cannot be happy without the steaks, the movies and the beers, you will actually be very poor. There is more to life that just fulfilling your desires.

NL: Where do you see opportunity for change in our society?

LM: There will be no change, but by each one of us individually. If you want to change the world, change your own ways.

NL: If you would have those magic three free wishes, what would they be?

LM: That we would understand what LOVE really is. When we understood this, the other two questions have found their answer.

NL: What brings you joy when you are giving a lecture or holding a workshop or retreat?

LM: When I feel that those attending are experiencing Spirit.

NL: What do you like more, writing or holding lectures? What’s the difference for you?

LM: The writing is a necessity to me, but connecting to other people through the work is too. So it is like a two-step-rocket. One without the other misses something.

NL: I feel that there is always a Presence around you when you are talking in front of people. Are you aware of what or who that is?

LM: I have been rescued by Spirit or my guardian angel so many times now, that I always feel this Presence whenever I am doing a talk or a workshop. I feel very fortunate in that respect. Without it I would be a shallow nothing.

NL: The book ‘The Seer’ is going to be made into a movie. How did that idea come about, and how far in the process of production is the project?

LM: A very wellknown Danish actor, Thure Lindhardt, was very happy about the book, and through my agent, Jacob Kleberg, and a very dear friend in London, Mikkel Iversen, it all came about. We are having the manuscript done at the moment, so it is all very exciting.

NL: In September this year you finished the education program ‘Divine Deacons’, which did run over two years. Are there any plans for continuing this work with a new group?

LM: I learned so much from doing that, and very soon there’ll be announcement for a new group of Divine Deacons.

NL: What are your plans for the coming 2020?

LM: I have just finished a very small book, ‘The God Formula’, which is the essence of a lifetime in the service of Spirit. I am looking forward to the release of that book. Beside of that, I hope to reach more people and spread some inspiration for those, who are interested to use the full potential of human beings.