Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 14 February 2020

I have just visited Paris in connection with Flammarion’s publication of my ‘O Manuscript’ in France. In this connection, the French version of my documentary ‘The Seer’ was also shown, as well as a two-day workshop was shared. But on a personal level, the reunion with my friend alchemist Marc Penninck de Landas, as I described in my book ‘Taxo Luma’, as well as a visit to his workshop, were some of the most exciting things about the trip to Paris.

Marc works primarily on extracting essences and elixirs of plants, but is also an excellent classical style painter who specialises in what he calls ‘alchemical art’. There is a strict order in the workshop, but one of the things that strikes you the most when you step inside are the symbols that also adorn the walls and which testify to a deep insight into the cohesion of matter and spirit.

Marc has two students, two young men, each with their own specialties. To convey all his knowledge, Marc are calligraphing a comprehensive work, a work not intended for publishing, but solely for the two students. The work that I had the opportunity to see also testifies to what extent the alchemist’s science is dependent on spiritual insight. This involves knowledge of the world of symbols and metaphors. Thus, all physics is possible only through the presence of spiritual energies. Nothing is accidental. Everything is interconnected.

Among other things, Marc said: ‘Every physicist or alchemist must at some point understand that every kind of manifestation at the micro-cosmic level is a reflection of manifestations at the macro-cosmic level, just as any real breakthrough at the physical level is always due to a breakthrough at the metaphysical level.’