Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 11 January 2021
Painting by Gert Ørnbøl

On 21 December 2020, it was marked, as many have been waiting for and christened ‘The Great Change’. Many have written and asked what this entails. Here is my answer:

We have now seriously entered the Age of Aquarius. It is about abandoning the old paradigms: the eternal race for social status, materialism, greed, cynicism, arrogance, indifference etc. It is therefore no longer about what I can get, but more about what I have to give.
We are all, each and every one, incarnated with a specific purpose in mind. We are all expressions of divine generosity, and it is this generosity we have come here to share with others.
In such a generosity, there is no more room for the ego’s petty games, no more room for the tiring and in every way exhausting self-glorification and narcissism, where feelings of inferiority and megalomania are two sides of the same coin. The time has come to seek balance.

It is no longer enough to use big words like ‘love’ and ‘honesty’, which are just empty phrases if we do not understand what they mean and therefore cannot live up to them ourselves. On the whole, it’s time to let go of all the unnecessary, superfluous and indifferent in our lives. Time to realise how much noise and pain we are causing, and to give up the patterns of behaviour in our lives that no longer serve our true purpose.

With my beloved teacher and friend, the seer and healer Calle de Montségur, I learned to understand what it means to be ‘invisible’. That is, when one no longer, constantly needs the attention and recognition of other people. You are aware of who you really are. We are all children of Heavenly Origin or of God. Neither more nor less. And when we truly understand this, we realise the pathetic nature of puffing ourselves up and trying to make ourselves something we are not.
It’s time to be quiet!
But silence is not just keeping our mouth shut, it is seeking inward instead of outward.
And in response to all of you who are calling for a ‘method’, I will in the following share the method I myself use.

Most people in our latitudes are born and baptised into a Christian tradition. Most of us know the ‘Our Father’, but we may not know much about the depth that this prayer represents. Jesus (Yeshua) spoke Aramaic and it is a language I have studied since 1988. The following is some of the results of the insights my studies have provided and which I consider to be my contribution to those who are interested.

When we decide to meditate, we quickly discover how difficult it can be to find peace. Thoughts pop up all the time and want attention. This is the first and biggest obstacle. But the mind is a river we do not have to jump into. A good piece of advice is to focus the mind on an object, such as a lit candle, or to use a so-called mantra with a conscious breath. In several of my books, ‘The Law of Light’ and ‘The God Formula’, I have given advice on this.

Thus, when I have found peace through the breath and my mantra ‘Rukha d’Coodsha’ (Holy Spirit) on the inhalation through the heart, and ‘Malkoota D’Shmeya’ (Heavenly Kingdom) on the exhalation also through the heart, I dedicate myself fully and completely to the ‘Prayer of Heaven’ (Our Father from an Aramaic understanding).

Heaven Prayer

Heavenly One
You who are everywhere
Hallowed be Your Name
Your Kingdom Come
here and now for all eternity.
Fill us with the Power of Your Grace
and free us from those fetters
with wich we bind ourselves and each other.
Lead us out of temptation
and free us from ourselves
so we can be closer to You.
Teach us the true power of forgiveness
And may this holy moment be the ground
from which our future actions grow

Heavenly Origin = God is pure Consciousness who is behind everything created. Man is born in the image of this Consciousness, which means that we each carry a part of this Divine Consciousness within us. (‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’) Through this prayer, we acknowledge our relationship with God and connect with God-consciousness.

You who are everywhere = The consciousness of God is everywhere. As Jesus (Yeshua) says in the Gospel of Thomas: ‘Cut the tree and lift up the stone, and God (I AM) is there.’ God is the life-giving principle in everything, not only in this universe, but in all universes. (‘My Father’s Kingdom has many mansions.’) When we see ourselves and other people through this God-consciousness in us, then we see the true being in all living things.

Hallowed be Your Name = Name in Aramaic comes from the root word SHM, which i.a. means Light (Consciousness), Sound, the Image of God in man. By uttering this line, we recognise and bless the thread of life that connects everything created with each other. We are ONE, and we are ONE with God. It is only when we succumb to selfishness that we turn our backs for a moment and perhaps cut ourselves off from this relationship.

Your Kingdom Come, here and now for all eternity = This is the invocation of the God-consciousness – that it must become a reality in our lives on all levels. When we fall, we understand why it happened, but we have the strength to rise again. We understand that the agenda of the ego is only transient and that the Consciousness of God is the only reality that is true and eternal.

Fill us with the Power of Your Grace = The power contained in the Consciousness of God is graceful in such a way that it often imperceptibly causes a shift in the way we view others and situations. The Power of Grace puts us in situations that make us come to the realisation of something, but always considerate and appropriate.

and free ourselves from the fetters with which we bind ourselves and each other = We humans enter into many different relationships. When we are not yet aware of who we truly are and need recognition and attention, we bind ourselves to others in an untrue way. We invent ‘debt items’, in order to bind other people to us: ‘If you love me, then I love you too’. It is conditional love, instead of unconditional love. Unconditional love gives without expecting anything in return. It sees where help is needed, and steps in or walks by as needed. Such kind of love is free and only brings about freedom. Such an attitude is an important part of the new paradigm.

Lead us out of temptation, free us from ourselves so we can be closer to You = These lines should speak for themselves. We are surrounded by many temptations that want our attention. But the biggest temptation is our own ego or small self. Now we ask for help to think, speak and act from our higher Self, so that we can be united with the Consciousness of God in us. We surrender. We do not give up, but we GIVE IT UP, up to the highest in us.

Teach us the true power of forgiveness = What is forgiveness? It is not just a word one uses interchangeably without understanding its true depth. In my book ‘The Law of Light’ I have described this in detail. When you forgive, you erase any kind of ‘guilt’ that may exist between you and another human being. Forgiveness is ‘to give’, not only focusing on the ‘fault’ but on the other persons very best qualities.

And may this holy moment be the ground from which our future actions grow = Again the words say it all. Every moment is sacred as such, but it is our ability to be empathetic and compasionate that makes this very moment something special. The mistakes we have made in the past can only be corrected through a change in behavior NOW, and NOW, and NOW, and NOW …

Amen = Thank You for making it so NOW!

As Lamu The Essene says in a metaphorical way: ‘In this way one polishes the mirror of the Heart in such a way that should God come by, He will be able to see himself clearly reflected in the practitioner.’

One can repeat this prayer several times. Thereby, one’s whole being is calibrated and one finds peace to sit in the silence described above. One’s personal voice has been calmed down and one can now sit in silence and listen. To me this is a safe way to contact ‘The World of Answers’ and get answers to our questions. And the answers, may not come promptly, but through the events life as a human being offers. Through ‘The Prayer of Heaven’ one rises above the dramas of everyday life and one realises the simple truth that we are all ONE.

I would also like to end here with the credo, which is one of the answers to a question I asked before a meditation some years ago, and which is some thoughts for the new time:

Reconciliation instead of punishment – Challenge instead of norm – Compassion instead of cynicism – Presence instead of distance – Humour instead of sarcasm – Organic instead of mechanical – Dynamic instead of static – Universal instead of national – Generosity instead of greed – Altruism instead of selfishness – Enlightenment instead of escapism – Awareness instead of numbness – Cooperation instead of competition – Wisdom of the heart instead of artificial intelligence – Clear and Loving instead of cold and cynical.

If not now – when?
If not us – then who?