The God Formula

Forlag: Gilalai
Udgivelsesår: 2020
Sprog: Engelsk

Engelsk udgave af Lars Muhls danske bog ‘Guds-formlen’

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The God Formula – book by Lars Muhl

A letter for these times and anyone seeking a higher meaning with life.

This little book is in reality a letter that shows, with no frills, what qualities are available to us if we manage to extricate ourselves from the restrictions of the prevailing norms. The letter contains the essence of a lifelong study of spiritual science, conveyed in such a manner that everyone can benefit from it. Is there a formula for God? Is God really dead or just on holiday? What or who is God?

According to the book, there is an omnipresent, overall intelligence, a higher form of consciousness that permeates the universe and everything and everyone who lives in it. This divine intelligence contains the secret of the whole creation. Every human being carries within a part of this higher consciousness, which is simply waiting to be activated so that we can become co-creators of the existence and take the crucial step in our path of development.

The book provides examples of exercises that open up to higher consciousness – exercises that anyone with a little patience can practise. Does it work? There is only one way to find out: PRACTISE!

The size of the book is 14 x 9.5 cm, so you can carry it in your bag or pocket.

Lars Muhl on ‘The God Formula’

Why is a God formula needed? Is it even possible to find a set of signs or symbols for our concept of God – and describe, let alone comprehend such an attempt? A formula that holds information and qualities in it which would be relevant for our understanding of and relation to the One Principle we call ‘God’ – transmitting a vibration that is of actual use for us, opposed to only being a presentation of a fascinating amusement or game for our intellect. I like to think that the following words of the ‘Blessing’ song are covering what this little book is all about:

‘There’s a Light that shines forever
Hidden deep within our Hearts
And every breath we take is sacred
Feel its Presence in this Now.

There’s a song that sounds forever
All the way through space and time
Hear it calling, feel it falling
From your Heart right into mine.’

The Divine Presence always seeks new voices through which it can channel its message. That message has, at its very core, been the same throughout all the ages: We human beings are more than just personalities attached to a physical body, full of a thousand ideas and emotions, moving from one drama to the next.

There is so much more to us, and it is that ’more’ that ‘The God Formula’ is all about: helping you to understand and experience our Original State of Being through which we can become the conscious co-creators and healers we were meant to be.

Within the God Formula we find the two components of any creational act: the Masculine and Feminine Principles, represented by the symbol of a dot in the center of a circle. When the qualities of these Principles become one within us, we can move mountains, walk on water, heal the broken and restore the dead. The everyday task is to allow these qualities to merge and to act freely through each one of us. As it is said in the book: ‘We are the result of God’s unconditioned generosity. The main purpose of man is to let that generosity flow freely and to share it with everyone.’

Video where Lars Muhl presents his book ‘The God Formula’


Review of Lars Muhl’s book ‘The God Formula’ by Scientific and Medical Network

I have reviewed a number of Lars’s previous books including his magisterial ‘O Manuscript’ and subsequent shorter works on the laws of light. For those unfamiliar with his work, he has studied Aramaic and ancient Hebrew scriptures alongside his initiatory journey with his teacher Calle de Montsegur recounted in his first book.

This latest book is short and profound both in theory and practice. It takes the form of a letter to the reader redefining the nature and role of Yeshua, moving from atonement to at-onement in a process of transformation and transfiguration. We learn that the Kingdom of Heaven reflects our Original State of Being. The God Formula of the title is explained as a union of masculine and feminine principles represented by air, fire and water. Lars explains the roots of the two Aramaic words Malkoot (Kingdom) and D’Shmeya (Heaven) coming together in the symbol of the circle (feminine) with a point (masculine) in the centre. This passage requires deep absorption and meditation in order to plumb its depths and enable them to come alive within oneself.

These insights lead on to a number of practices involving the breath and unfolding our divine qualities. We discover that we ourselves are both the abyss and the bridge, so we need to begin with responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our activity can then stem from a place of stillness where we breathe in the Holy Spirit – Rookha D’Koodsha – and breathe out the Kingdom of Heaven – Malkoot D’Shmeya. There are further beautiful practices involving the bridal chamber, the mirror of the soul and sacred oils; then a section on healing, various invocations, prayers and blessings.

This special book is a precious gift to serious and committed seekers wishing to deepen their understanding of esoteric Christianity by means of embodied sacred practices.

David Lorimer
Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer
The Scientific & Medical Network