The O Manuscript – The Seer, The Magdalene and The Grail

Forlag: Lemuel Books
Udgivelsesår: 2008
Sprog: Engelsk

Den første engelske udgave af Lars Muhls danske bog ‘Gralstrilogien’

Bogen er udgået fra forlaget Lemuel Books, men den er udgivet i en ny udgave af Watkins – læs mere her



The O Manuscript – The Seer, The Magdalene and The Grail – book by Lars Muhl

Introduction to ‘The O Manuscript’ by Kirsten Puggaard, publisher at Lemuel Books

This is the trilogy you, dear reader, now hold in your hand. Don’t let yourself be misled by the three subtitles. This is NOT another book about the Holy Grail, Jesus and Mary Magdalene based on the usual theses and theories that, over the years, have become trivialised. Instead ‘The O Manuscript’ is the result of one man’s moving journey into ‘another reality’ towards a more genuine and authentic way of being. A journey that engages from the outset and, unlike most of the other books in this genre, doesn’t mislead with irrelevant who-done-it riddles. Instead ‘The O Manuscript’ opens up to the very centre of man’s true mystery. The insight one gets through the author’s meeting with another reality is mirrored synchronistically in the epic and dramatic story of the forgotten feminine power: the uniting of eros and agape, being recounted parallel to the author’s story. Book 1 mirrors the masculine principle, while Book 2 portrays the feminine. Book 3 is dedicated to the mystery of the bridal chamber, where the masculine and the feminine become united as an isogenic entity.

When Book 1, ‘The Seer’, came out in the author’s homeland in 2000 it didn’t awaken all that much interest, but despite that the trilogy has since reached cult status in Scandinavia and sold in ever greater numbers. The book also came out at an early date in a Russian translation and is now, with this English translation, on its way out into the wider world.

Book 1, ‘The Seer’, takes as its starting point Lars’ illness, his meeting with the Seer and their work on the holy mountain of Montsegur in the southern French Pyrenees. The book is not only a spell-binding introduction to the ancient gnosis of everything’s interconnectedness, but also a critical evaluation of a long list of limiting new age dogmas.
When Lars and the Seer part, the latter hands an old manuscript into the author’s care; a manuscript that, surprisingly, turns out to be a doorway to the events that take place in the following two books of the trilogy.

Book 2, ‘The Magdalene’, came out at the same time as ‘The Da Vinci Code’, and unfolds along two themes: the author’s continuing work with and parting from the Seer and his glimpse into the collective Akasha, where he is confronted with Mary Magdalene as the feminine force’s most outstanding archetype and also as a historic person. Among the book’s high points is the moving description of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s time together and their mutual initiation in the bridal chamber.

Book 3, ‘The Grail’, which on its publication and without any publicity whatsoever, flew straight into first place on the bestseller list, deals with the author’s fateful meeting with Sylvia, an old priestess in The Order of The World Mother. It’s the story of the quest she decrees he must take. We follow him on his twofold path where he meets his own feminine counterpart/anima and at the same time recognises things that bring him to understand the feminine archetype’s significance for our present time.
Among the book’s many high points are the author’s meeting with a nameless Being of Light in a hidden cave on the holy mountain of Montsegur and in Mary Magdalene’s secret cave near Périllos in the southern French Pyrenees.
During the first meeting with this Being of Light Lars gets the chance to travel with The Chariot of Fire (Merkabah) and, during this and the second meeting, receives answers that challenge many of today’s spiritual dogmas.

The books distinguish themselves by being written in such a way that, in spite of their complicated subject matter, they are suitable for a wide readership. The many layers to be found in the texts mean that both beginners and the more initiated in these themes are struck by the authenticity of the words and the author’s ability to bring ‘heaven down to earth’ or ‘the reader nearer heaven’.

‘The O Manuscript’ is not just another spiritual sweetener but the beginning of a most exciting journey for anyone who reads it.
The books are not to be read merely to be ‘understood’, but to be absorbed into the very texture of your conscious being and your higher Self.

Video where Lars Muhl presents the book ‘The O Manuscript’

The symbol

O is the symbol for God, the symbol for the Whole. The circle is the feminine, the dot is the masculine. Together they symbolize the union of the bride and the groom in the bridal chamber.

‘The Dot is the source of everything created. Everything begins with a dot. At the same time, the dot means zero, meaning nothing. It is nothing and it is everything, and the dot expresses the symbol of nothing being everything and everything being nothing. The Dot develops into the Circle, which shows the picture of the seemingly non-existent developing into the all-existing.’
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Dear unknown friend, dear sister, dear brother by Lars Muhl

There was once a monastery-like religious community. Each day when the congregation celebrated Mass, the monastery cat disturbed the holy ritual. The abbot therefore asked someone from the congregation to tie the cat up so that Mass could continue in peace.
This went on for many years. When the abbot died they continued tying up the cat up each day just before Mass.
Then the cat died. The new abbot immediately ordered that a new cat should be acquired to be tied up before Mass. Everybody rejoiced since this was what they had always done.
However, one day a newcomer asked why they tortured the poor animal in this way. The question raised a great commotion and the man who asked the question was immediately expelled from the monastery. In order to make sure that something like this would never happen again, some of the scholars among them began writing theological treaties about the necessity of tying up a cat before each and every Mass.

Religions and theology as well as interpretations of historical events have often been the cause of very funny misunderstandings. But usually such misunderstandings have lead to catastrophic results. Usually because both religion and history are expressions of the limitation of those who wrote it.
Throughout time, historiography and religion have been used as a means for power. The truth about the many troubles of the world, e.g. the holocaust, as well as the truth about the many wonders of the world, e.g. Christ, may at any time be seen and read in the great cosmic memory, the Akasha-field, by those who tune in to it. Insight into the flow behind the so-called historical events may be gained through two channels: Either through the horizontal, time-related one, or through the vertical, transcendental, visionary one, which dissolves time and place.

Transcendental visions may always be understood in more than one way. When they are written down it isn’t necessarily because they should be taken literally, or because they claim to be expressions of so called historical facts. They are, first and foremost, allegories about life’s true secrets. They represent the most profound wisdom of the heart that opens us to possibilities that blow to pieces any kind of habitual thinking, all cold facts and all limited ideas of reality with its crushing tyranny. Visions are priceless echoes from the Akasha-field.

The vision about the Grail is first and foremost the story about all that we seem to have forgotten. The Grail is neither a secret, worldly treasure in the shape of a cup, a specific mortal woman, nor a hidden, chosen family somewhere in the world.
The Grail is a state of heart and mind!
A multidimensional consciousness accessible to all who dare: to let go of time’s cosy little crime mysteries; to get up from the soft couch of comfort; to find the courage to set out on the quest for the Grail and to take the quantum leap most people only dare dream about.
I am myself simply an itinerant errand boy who is only just awakening and beginning to understand the language of transcendence, which is accessible to all who are prepared to make the effort to learn it.

This book is a personal document that attempts to describe some personal experiences and acknowledgements. But the chronological order of events has had to give way to the truth, which may be seen between the lines only. It is only in the gaps, where words do not get in the way that the true quest for the Grail and O may begin. I wish you a pleasant journey.

Lars Muhl

Seven years with ‘The Grail Trilogy’ by Lars Muhl

It is now three years since ‘The Grail’, the third and last book in the Grail Trilogy, was published. I’ll never forget the day I added the final fullstop to the manuscript. It marked the drawing to a close of a state of mind which had lasted throughout the seven years it took me to write the trilogy, which, as well as ‘The Grail’, includes ‘The Seer from Andalusia’ and ‘The Magdalene’.

For seven years I had been the favourite of the gods. For those seven years I had had the feeling of being chosen – of being able to walk on water. It was as if all my qualities had been released during that period. I began to work with healing and it came so naturally that people flocked to me to be healed and to receive help and counselling, so much so that I didn’t realize how much I was overloading my energy system. As far back as 1999, when I walked down Mount Montsegur in the company of the Seer for the first time, I heard myself say that that meeting would give rise to three books that I would write. The Seer didn’t comment immediately, but that evening, as we sat by the fire in our house in the village of Montsegur, he said: ‘You are right. You will certainly write three books which will have our meeting as their starting point, but I will only appear in two of them.’ And that is exactly what happened.

I have no wish to make a fool of myself, and I am always very careful in the use of such expressions as ’channelling’, ’clairvoyance’ etc. because they have become very over-used these days. There was a time when one could hardly move in the alternative environment without bumping into a wall of clairvoyants who almost fell over each other in order to offer their assistance. It’s also my opinion that one should approach that kind of subject with great humility, because, even though everyone, in principle, has access to these skills, it requires many years of experience in the use of them before one is ready to counsel others. As the Seer said: ‘One can’t find more than a small handful of authentic clairvoyants in Europe. And one must always keep in mind that to be clairvoyant is one thing, and to be a seer quite another.’

That I, nevertheless, chance my arm here, is due to the fact that I can see there were unknown forces at work whilst I wrote the three books. I am fully aware of the greater part of the material and take full responsibility for it. That part is the result of my own experiences and reflections, together with the material I have acquired through many years of study. But – and that is what strikes me when I read the books today – there is a lot of material in them which leaves me wondering where on earth it came from, especially material about Mariam Magdalene and Yeshua. At the same time I can see that precisely that material is the result of a kind of channelling which I have been able, subsequently, to follow up on through my insight into the Aramaic language, the Apocryphal scriptures, the Dead Sea scrolls, the Old Testament pseudepigraphicals, Filon and Josephius’ writings, the Vedas etc.

The above-mentioned summer when I finished the last book, was simultaneously the ending of a seven year sojourn in paradise. From one moment to the next the rug was pulled from under me and, for a while, all my privileges were removed. A good friend, Jette Simonsen, from the Sophia bookshop in Aarhus put things nicely in perspective when she said: ‘Yes, but Lars, remember now that it wasn’t you who wrote those books. You were merely a channel that was deemed worthy to receive and pass on the material that is woven through the books’. And then she ended off with words that only very good friends can get away with: ‘Maybe it’s now time that you read your books yourself and begin to practice some of what they prescribe’. If I didn’t like Jette as much as I do I would surely have throttled her on the spot, but I wasn’t in the least doubt that she was absolutely right.

The three books are magical. One can read them over and over and each time find something new in them. They are filled with information, insights and spiritual guidance that can be used by all, no matter on what plane one finds oneself. There are things in them that I didn’t understand a year ago, but which now unfold themselves as welcome insights in relation to the things I’m working on at the moment.

It has been a great privilege to be allowed to work with the Grail Trilogy. Today I know why that material needed to come through me. It needed to because I, for most of my life and, without knowing it, have prepared myself to be the ‘midwife’ for exactly that type of material. I am convinced that, when such material is channelled through someone, it can’t avoid being coloured by that person and his/her limitations. But it’s obvious to me that everything that I personally haven’t been in control of, other, higher forces have been more than helpful in putting into place. The three books are now gathered into one volume in English under the title ‘The O Manuscript’. It has been updated in those areas where I have achieved greater insight.

‘The Grail Trilogy’ or ‘The O Manuscript’ is not for just anyone, but for all and sundry who are ready to read it. If those who need the book don’t find it, the book will surely find them. In this way ‘The O Manuscript’ is now slowly finding its friends throughout the world.

I’m so grateful that it’s possible.

I’ve now had the bounty of being able to take yet another step on the path and, through new experiences and insights, am in the process of writing a direct continuation of the Trilogy. That work started when, a year and a half ago, I met ‘by chance’ A.M. some place in the Pyrenees. That was the start of a new journey, whose destination is, at the moment, unclear. But every day I continue the search, step by step, word by word, sentence by sentence.

In deep gratitude.

Reviews of Lars Muhl’s book ‘The O Manuscript’

‘It’s God winking an eye.’
John Cleese, actor

‘I recommend reading this amazing story to anyone seeking the path to enlightenment.’
Al Jardine, The Beach Boys

‘The O Manuscript is one of the most important books you will ever read.’
Lyndall Demere. Ph.D. Ms.D. International Association of Metaphysicians

‘The O manuscript is one of the most remarkable books I have ever come across in over 35 years of publishing.’
Michael Mann, publisher Watkins Publishing, 1 June 2011

‘I’ve read all Lars Muhl’s books, and he is a damn good writer.’
Professor Jan Vincents Johannessen, Norway, 1 November 2010

‘This is an extraordinary book written by an extraordinary man.
In The O Manuscript, Lars Muhl tells an extraordinary tale in an extraordinary way.
The first book explains how and why the last two books came to be written.
It is a story that, for too long, has been crying out to be told.
The Eternal Feminine …
by whatever name She be known …
Venus … Isis … Ishtar … the Mother Goddess …
the Magdalen …
for too long She has been held down –
suppressed – diminished – dismissed.
But no longer.
It seems that Her time is come.
I am glad that Lars Muhl has made Her speak with so clear a Voice.’
Henry Lincoln, author of ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail, 30 June 2010

‘The O Manuscript is really beyond words, for reading it is an experience like no other. The messages in this book are so profound and resonate so deeply in your heart and soul that at times I found it difficult to keep my eyes open. The energies emanating from this book awaken long forgotten truths and bless you with a light that remains. From the moment I looked upon the cover I could feel the magnitude of this incredible work. For me, reading and integrating Lars Muhl’s O Manuscript was not just the reading of a book, but a deep spiritual experience and an initiation of the highest order. This most sacred book has a special place in my home and my heart and I feel it’s light still whenever I look upon it. These earthly words will have to suffice to describe something so powerful and indescribable. May you open your heart and experience the wonder and lasting magnificence of The O Manuscript.
Gail Swanson, author of ‘The Heart of Love: Mary Magdalene Speaks’, 17 June 2010

‘This book is about the Essence. The Essence of life and way towards it.
This book is a love song for freedom which is based on spontaneous playfulness and at the same time determined by certain rules. When it happens together like this we can only call it – a miracle!’
Leva & Girts Ancevska, Latvia, 10 August 2010

‘Read it. It is a must. This book will become a classic and Lars Muhl one of the worlds classical writers. I read it too fast, couldn’t stop. Historical and spiritual knowledge on a deep level combined with the finest, exiting storytelling. My mothertung is not english, as you probably can read, but I recommend the O manuscript from my Heart.’
By Githa Ben-David, Denmark, 12 March 2009,

‘A remarkable testimonial from the world of the mystics, experienced by a present day mystic. One of our time’s experience-religious classics; a totally unusual book that offers a peek into a part of the mind that others are too shy to talk about. A rare glimpse into the mystical universe.’
Anders Laugesen, Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish Newspaper)

‘This is an excellent spiritual book. Not just because it goes into the depths of the heart and to the essence of spirituality, but also because page after page is adorned with brilliant spiritual experiences. Furthermore, the development of the storyline and the poetic language are of such high standard that these qualities alone make the book worth recommending.’
Lars Harrekilde, Nyt Aspekt (Danish magazine)

‘This is a book to be read more than once. In my not very humble opinion, it is miles above Casteneda. It is a treasure. The only thing I don’t like about it is its price. (Big Fat Hint: search abebooks; you’ll find it probably for half the prices listed here.) This is a book for grown ups. If you’ve been drawn to it, my advice is to first express gratitude to Whomever you usually thank. Then, think twice before not buying. That zap you sense may well be Spirit.’
Scott Hutton, Hartsdale, NY USA, 23 March 2010,

‘I loved this book! Like the Casteneda or the Cuelho books, the reader is swept into the author’s experience of awakening, as he conquers his limiting beliefs and judgements that hold him back from perceiving reality as it is. The O Manuscript is a compelling account of Lars Muhls journey of healing and awakening. It includes powerful universal metaphysical teachings as well as the author’s personal experiences. It is written with humility and candor, and takes the reader on a mystical journey through ancient history and modern times. There is an actual transmission of energy that comes from this book, as the author describes his visionary experiences. I couldn’t book the book down, and stayed in bed one morning until I finished it! I will read this book again, to review more of the teachings and digest them at a deeper level.’
Dani Antman, Sebastopol, CA USA, 7 December 2009,

‘The O Manuscript is more than a book. It is a soul-fullfilling companion that is a must read for anyone who is yearning for profound spiritual insight and truth. The information in this book is invaluable and you will want to read it more than once. Each of the three books within this book speaks directly to ones soul. What is equally incredible is the simple manner in which some very powerful teachings and metaphysical truths are offered to the reader. There is no one that would not benefit from reading these stories. My only warning to the reader is that you will not want to put the book down; it is compelling, beautifully written, clear and thought provoking.’
Laura Gwen, San Diego, CA USA, 27 November 2009,

‘Lars Muhl’s personal and philosophifical journey into both the past and the present is a challenge to both conventional and historical ‘wisdom’. With amazing energy he is on the trail of the hitherto hidden secrets of Christianity – and much more. His research and experience is sometimes overpowering. Complicated, yes, but it certainly makes you think twice.’
Lasse Jensen, Denmark, 30 March 2009,

‘After reading this book, I bought copies for all my friends, eager to share my experience of reading this book with them. This is a book that encourages you to see life as an adventure and ignite your curiosity about the mysteries in life. The author shares with the reader his spiritual quest, full of wisdom and reflections, aiming to detangle the secrets of life. The book takes you to a magical place that slowly peels of the layers of yourself, makes you question your way of being and helps you construct a better and stronger self. The author becomes your trusted friend with whom you go on an adventure trip of self-discovery. He takes you by the hand and leads you through the labyrinth of life in quest of your inner treasure, just as he was once lead by a wise man.
The book starts with the author being at a crossroad in his life, not knowing which way to take. He suffers from poor health and his personal and professional lives are disintegrating. He meets a healer who invites him to Montsegur, a remote mountain village and castle in Southern France. A place of great beauty and a tragic history, where a group of believers were burned during the inquisition refusing to convert to the catholic belief, sticking to their own brand of back-to-basics of Christianity. Here he has many encounters and goes through experiences and tests that slowly turn him into a master of his own life and help him to find the true purpose and meaning of his life.
His experiences are beautifully interwoven with those of the story of Marie Magdalene in a light we haven t seen her before; a powerful inspiration to all women, and in her relationship with Jesus, the perfection of how men and women complement each other.
It is difficult not be to be deeply affect by this book. A book of initiation and wisdom, written with great beauty that makes you get lost in phrases or thoughts. This book is a door to a new world and better way of being.’
Heidi Kay, France, 25 may 2009,

‘The O Manuscript is indeed an answer to my prayers – The words are so vibrationally charged and every cell in my body responds to these TRUTHS.
I pray that Lars Muhl knows how his words are helping me (and others) to shift, to remember and to merge with Divine love, light and truth. I have incredible respect and honor for his courage and commitment to this work.
I have shared this book with so many since I have returned to the USA in October. Today in the USA we are celebrating thanksgiving Day. I cannot think of a better time to thank God for Lars Muhl – for the Seer and for the wisdom that is being shared through Lars Muhl. May he feel my deep gratitude.’
Laura Gwen, 26 November 2009