Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 May 2013

Open up your hands and stretch them towards the world.
Stop right there!
Be still and merge into the moment.
Listen, sense, be aware.
There’s something in the air.
It is loaded with energy.
Allow your hand physically to feel this energy.
Exactly, as if it had to do with a piece of fabric.
This physically tangible energy is the part of the Ether or Akasha, which vibrates slowest.
Be aware of it. It has just now become noticeable for those who want to take the time, in this way, to contact it.
Feel the energy with your fingers. Feel it against your skin and your sense of touch.
The energy of the Akasha is filled with healing, information and love.
This is a unique opportunity just now.
Open now your heart as well and let the Akasha energy flow freely in you.
The general information contained in Akasha is that man is a divine and multiuniversal being.
The healing energy dissolves all limitations. Even names and concepts, we note, are just veils that covers everything that we did not see clearly, until now.
Divinity is not aware of any kind of division, exclusion or separation.
There is not word for such a thing.
Let the light shine now and forever. Everything else is just a transitional transient pain.
When we express humor, warmth and gratitude, the Akasha in all its splendor, opens us to us. Then the gates to all that we yearn for, open.
It can be seen over the heads of more and more people, crystals, just waiting to be turned on or activated.
From my heart thank you.
There’s something in the air.