Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 1 January 2016

Let’s light a candle.

Today January the 1’st the blue angel, moonpristess Sylvia chose to leave the earth-plane.

Gudrun SYLVIA Ørnsgaard was initiated in THE ORDER OF THE WORLDMOTHER and was one of twelve women that was initiated in a secret cave in the mountain of Montségur. She was of the opinion that the many deep indsights of the order was to be held secret because mankind was not able to handle them yet. Maybe, in the wake of Sylvias passing, it is her sign to us, that this secrecy must now be broken. Maybe it is time for women from all over the world, despite any differences of religion, politics and colour of skin, to unite in order to heal the deep wounds of mankind.

Dear Sylvia, thanks for everthing you gave, thanks for your wisdom, thanks for opening up the door and thanks for inviting me in. Thanks for showing me the Grail.

Fly with peace.

See you in eternity.