Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 18 April 2013

If your child must watch TV, then this animated series is available, the first of its kind in a clean and understandable language communicates the deepest secrets of man’s true path. Besides it being an exciting story of light battle against darkness, one is introduced into the meaning of the elements, important in establishing the right breathing, meditation, in ethical life, in how to enter into the flow and work together with the universe.

The series consists of three cassettes each with three DVD movies, Book 1: WATER, Book 2: EARTH, and Book 3: FIRE, ie a total of 9 DVDs. Watch them with your children or grandchildren, and answer the questions or get answers to questions.

Ghil, who is now 8, already started three years ago earth- and waterbending at the Dead Sea. We are watching the series for the third time, and they are hereby recommended warmly.