Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 20 May 2013

All is flowed through the Divine, of Akasha, which is humor, warmth, information, light and love. The Akasha IS our divine identity. The divine energy field that pervades and surrounds us.

Our access to this divine Akasha energy is blunted and blurred exclusively, by all our prejudices, our ignorance, opposition, fear, jealousy, our hatred, and our lack of self-esteem or our megalomania.

That is why the self-development work is so important. By getting ourselves out of the all the mess and all the limitations we have caught ourselves in, generously, the Akasha opens itself for us, and one day we are able to enter into the divine powers. Without prejudice, without any sort of judgement of one self or others,one is freed slowly and begins to see clearly. And as that transcends the inappropriate points, the contact with the Akasha is strenghtened.

A universal synchronicity exists, which means that when you say Alfa here, it is answered immediately by an Omega there, and vice versa. Thus the divine language is revealed, which in relation to any universal traveler, initially makes use of archetypal symbols. Up the road, they are also dissolved, but I will describe that at another time. Right now it is important to take advantage of the gate, just now open, with its invitation for us to enter the flow.

It is my experience, that it would be helpful to be practised in the ten items of the Tau Cross way: Thankfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Forgiveness, Accessibility, Service, Faithfulness, Distinctness, Tact and Silence. Please remember that this Silence does not equal the absence of sound but is merely a question of being in balance. If you are not in balance, you make noise.

When you begin to see clearly, you understand quite natural that most of what you thought was important, virtually is worthless. It is such a relief. A relief to realize that we already ARE blessed and divine, and that now, we simply have to let it find expression through thought, word and deed. And that in spite of the painful situation we find ourselves in, otherwise. There is no hindrance and no excuse for not practicing our very nature.

Thus is revealed, an eternal need for confirmation of the ego, or the little Self. This tireless desireoften rises to ego inflation. All of this aspect is in itself a desert of self-development, I think everyone must go through (read for example the book ‘Halfway Up The Mountatin’, about this)

It is not a matter of finding God, but that we step out of our hiding, so that God can find us.

Let this day be the day when you enter the flow, while whispering quietly:

I AM – neither more nor less, but just who – I AM


Relatively easy to read books for inspiration, meditative and for physical action , the following are recommended, hereby: Albert Scweitzer: ‘Reverence for Life’, Franz Bardon: ‘The Universal Master Key’, Thomas a Kempis: ‘The Imitation of Christ’, Mariana Caplan: ‘Halfway Up The Mountain’, Robert Kennedy: ‘Make Gentle The Life of This World’, Ghandi: ‘Experiments with truth’, Jean-Yves Leloup: ‘Being Still’, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Tao Te Ching, Khan’s Sufi Beads, Shantideva: ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’, Alice Bailey: ‘Ponder on This’, Sogyal Rinpoche: ‘Glimpse After Glimpse’, HP Blavatsky: ‘The Voice of Silence’, Emanuel Sorensen: ‘Sunyata’, White Eagle: ‘Jesus Teacher and Healer’, Githa Ben-David: ‘The Healing Voice’, and the Aramaic New Testament, for example passed on in my book ‘The Law of Light’.