Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 5 June 2013

We live in a time of crisis. Everywhere, a great fuss about economical crisis, climate crisis, health crisis, food crisis, etc, is made. Apparently, few are aware of the real crisis we find ourselves in, which is the direct cause of all the other crises: the SPIRITUAL CRISIS. That is exclusively the one, we may thank for the mess we have brought ourselves into. But there is hope!
Here and now!

Most of our problems, have arisen because we have forgotten who and what we are. This means, that many have completely lost their direction in life and believe in the principle, that everyone looks after his own interests. Therefore, loneliness, hopelessness and suffering rules.

But if we for instance, have a look at the wisdom that different conscious people have accumulated over time, we understand that there is hope:

Just think about the difference it would make, if everyone, knew they are eternal beings, that the body is transitory, but that the Soul is eternal.

Imagine the difference it would make, if all people knew that a universal law exists, which all living is subject to, a law that says that ALL returns to its starting point. This means that everything we send out, at some point comes back to us. Then we would reflect, before we entered into relationships and businesses where other people’s weaknesses, diseases, etc., were being taken advantage of. Then, it would be almost impossible, to deliberately cheat other people or hurt them. It would not be possible, that someone could exploit the land, sky, sea, plants, animals or other people, for business or for their own benefit.

Imagine the difference it would make, if everyone remembered that we can not take anything with us from here, when the soul leaves the body and returns home, to its starting point. All strive for social status and material things, would completely lose its force of attraction, and we would begin to see the values, ​​that were worth maintaining and work for.

Try to remember, that when we are not here anymore it does not take long, before we are more or less forgotten. Others have taken over our home, our clothes are given to charity, all our beloved things are scattered with the winds, if there are not just thrown out. Things are of no real value. And yet, we have made ​​them to be the most important in our lives.

Imagine, if we instead of accepting symptom lowering medications, would eliminate what is contributory to people becoming ill. Then all foods would be produced according to the best of regulations without addition of toxic and artificial fillers. All agriculture would be organic. Plants, vitamins and minerals preventive and curative effect, would again be recognized. Again, integrated medicines and energy medicines would be quite natural.

Imagine, if it was not a disease to be sad, if it again became legal to cry and laugh, to express genuine feelings, because it is customary to the deepest human nature, to be able to express feelings. When we for various reasons fail to do this, suffering occurs.

Imagine, if every child had the opportunity to learn about this Law of Life, so they had a true grounding to live by, with knowledge of the soul and its profound nature. Physics and metaphysics should go hand in hand. Instead of suppressing the child’s innate spiritual insight, it was supported and cultivated. Then there would be no more need to diagnose healthy children and destroy them with medication.

Imagine, if suddenly it was completely uninteresting to speculate in money, in stocks and in economy. Then there would be no economic crises, because the economy would not play the main role in someone’s life anymore. Then we would have the time and resources to deal with life’s real challenges and be able to explore and develop all the highest mental and spiritual potentials in a person. No one would be bored or have the need to kill time with trivia, anymore.

Because, ALL is connected with one another. We ALL enter into a luminous network of CONSCIOUSNESS. And when we experience that it can be heavy duty to live on Earth, it is only because we do not yet understand that, described in this letter.

Sooner or later, we must understand that we ALL are related to each other, that we are siblings at a very basic level. That we ALL come from the same place and are going to the same place, but our paths do not always go together. Life is not a competition, where we need to compare ourselves with the neighbour. We ALL have our own unique task, which though it may look like theirs,, it is solely our own responsibility and therefore, only can be solved by us. Should we not solve it, there will be no one resolving it for us. If we surrender to our overall purpose and forget our own pettiness, we will receive help from everywhere to succeed.

I myself always experience it so, that it is when it is my little person interfering with my life, that a lack of clarity and confusion occurs. If I on the other hand, leave the reins to the higher Self, which does not need the appreciation and acknowledgement, I see the Light and all its possibilities, instead.

If we dared to stop and think and act differently in life, it would still be full of challenges, but challenges containing presents which would lift us up to new heights of consciousness. NO ONE would ever be bored again.

Heavenly Source, lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from darkness to light, from ignorance to insight.
Lead me from death to eternity.
May true peace always rein.
(From Upanishads)

If not now – when?