New book: The Sacred Numbers of Initiation

Based on Psalm 119’s twenty-two prayers, beautifully paraphrased and interpretated by Naleea Landmann, this little gem of a book is a most exquisite tool of meditation and healing.

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Day of Book release “The Sacred Numbers of Initiation”

Bestselling spiritual author Lars Muhl presents an effective system of numerology based both on secret teachings passed on in the remote Pyrenees and also on his extensive knowledge of the ancient Essenes. Read more: CLICK HERE

Now it all begins

Click the play button. If not us - who? If not now - when?

My top 15 book list of 2021

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 23 January 2022 1. 'The Book of Life' 2. Dr. Andrew Silverman: 'A Burst of Conscious Light – Near-Death Experiences, The Shroud of Turin and the Limitless Potential of Humanity' 3. Emil Bock: 'The Three Years – The Life of Christ between...

Christmas Greetings 2021

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 21 December 2021 Dear friends, Tonight I will light my candles for all who are suffering and have lost hope. There is Light ahead. Soon we will be reconnected to our original state of Being. Soon we will be able to see clearly what for too...

Radio Kootwijk and Embassy of the Free Mind

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 1 November 2021 In the last two weekends I have been visiting the Netherlands. First with a lecture and a workshop in Amsterdam, and this weekend with a talk in this amazing edifice, Radio Kootwijk, where I was invited to make a speech at a...

The potential hero

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 15 September 2021 Most people have heard of the Butterfly Effect – an idea rooted in Taoism that claims a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the Earth by beating its wings. If only we realised the extent to which what we...

The eternal in man – an essay on consciousness

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 20 August 2021 My first out-of-body experience was in 1969 in Tel Aviv when I was with the band Daisy on tour in Israel. It was the day before going back to Denmark and I was in town to do the last shopping for the trip. On the way back to...

Now is when it all begins

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 11 January 2021 Painting by Gert Ørnbøl On 21 December 2020, it was marked, as many have been waiting for and christened ‘The Great Change’. Many have written and asked what this entails. Here is my answer: We have now seriously entered...

The Melchizedek alignment – The star of Bethlehem

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 By Lars Muhl, commented by astrologer Andrew Smith During December of 7 BCE, a magnificent bright star shone over the western horizon in the early evening skies. Composed of the two biggest planets in the solar system...

The great change – Why Christmas in the year 2020 is more important than ever

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 In the last six months, I have received countless requests from various people who want me to comment on the tense situation that humanity is in right now. For me, there is no doubt that we are all, both on the personal...


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White Dove Teachings

Healing workshop

The following videos can be seen for free and are recommended if you want to take part of the White Dove Teachings of the Mystery school of the Essenes and the Therapeuts and their inner teachings. These teachings consists of Gazing into the Mirror; Establishing Sacred Breath; Blessing of the Water; Home in Rukha; The IAO; Sending out The White Dove; The Chariot of Fire; Music of the Spheres; Essene Healing.

The Gate of Light


White Dove Teachings

The vision:

Since my childhood, I have had an inner certainty that I belonged to a group of people whose ultimate task in this life is to find a path that leads to freedom, peace and spiritual insight, and subsequently to share this insight with those, who wants want to hear and needs need to receive it.
After a whole life in the service of Spirit, my task is to communicate the fact, that we humans are here to raise the fallen, to heal the broken, to gather the separated, and to open the closed. Every human being is, in principle, already Enlightened. Most people have simply forgotten this or turned their backs on the Light and the accompanying responsibility.

Therefore, as Yeshua said, a rebirth must take place – already in the present life. A re-connecting to our true Self. And an understanding how to stay in this connection. So that we start to see, listen and speak through this Self of ours.

The understanding and experience of this real Self is what I wish to facilitate through my books, songs, lectures and workshops. Through my studies of the Aramaic language, I have come to understand the inner principles behind the wisdom of the Essenes and Therapists, as conveyed by Yeshua the Nazarene and Mariam the Magdalene. Like them, I use meditation, healing, presence, song and dance in my workshops.


’Cause there’s a Light that shines forever
hidden deep within our hearts.
And every breath we take is sacred
Feel it’s Presence in this Now.

’And there’s a song that sounds forever
all the way through space and time.
Hear it calling, feel it falling
From your heart right into mine.

May God Bless you
and your loved ones.
May His Light shine
on you always.


Now, it all begins.

– Lars Muhl –