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The potential hero

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 15 September 2021 Most people have heard of the Butterfly Effect – an idea rooted in Taoism that claims a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the Earth by beating its wings. If only we realised the extent to which what we...

The eternal in man – an essay on consciousness

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 20 August 2021 My first out-of-body experience was in 1969 in Tel Aviv when I was with the band Daisy on tour in Israel. It was the day before going back to Denmark and I was in town to do the last shopping for the trip. On the way back to...

Now is when it all begins

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 11 January 2021 Painting by Gert Ørnbøl On 21 December 2020, it was marked, as many have been waiting for and christened ‘The Great Change’. Many have written and asked what this entails. Here is my answer: We have now seriously entered...

The Melchizedek alignment – The star of Bethlehem

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 By Lars Muhl, commented by astrologer Andrew Smith During December of 7 BCE, a magnificent bright star shone over the western horizon in the early evening skies. Composed of the two biggest planets in the solar system...

The great change – Why Christmas in the year 2020 is more important than ever

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 22 December 2020 In the last six months, I have received countless requests from various people who want me to comment on the tense situation that humanity is in right now. For me, there is no doubt that we are all, both on the personal...

Mariam the Magdalene and Yeshua the Nazarene

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 3 November 2020 It is with deeply felt gratitude and joyful pleasure I discover, that more and more scholars are coming to the same conclusion as I did in my second book, 'The Magdalene', in my trilogy 'The O Manuscript' from 2002, that...

Two inspirational books by Vandana Shiva and Christina Lamb

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 28 August 2020 Here are two books that you absolutely have to read: 'Oneness vs The 1% - Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom' by Vandana Shiva. The other one, 'Our Bodies, Their Battlefield - What War Does to Women' by correspondent...

A few words on ‘The God Formula’

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 10 June 2020 I’ve been approached by several people who want me to comment on the current situation in the world. There are so many voices out there who each claim their own truth of the hows and whys of everything that is going on. This...

Meeting with an alchemist – Marc Penninck de Landas

Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 14 February 2020 I have just visited Paris in connection with Flammarion's publication of my 'O Manuscript' in France. In this connection, the French version of my documentary 'The Seer' was also shown, as well as a two-day workshop was...

Summer greeting

Blog entry from 27 June 2019 Dear friends, This just to wish you all the best for the summer. The Heavenly Source bless you and keep you. May the Gracious SHM shine and vibrate through you and give you peace. Shlama Alakhoom, Lars


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White Dove Teachings

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The following videos can be seen for free and are recommended if you want to take part of the White Dove Teachings of the Mystery school of the Essenes and the Therapeuts and their inner teachings. These teachings consists of Gazing into the Mirror; Establishing Sacred Breath; Blessing of the Water; Home in Rukha; The IAO; Sending out The White Dove; The Chariot of Fire; Music of the Spheres; Essene Healing.

The Gate of Light


White Dove Teachings

Now, it all begins.

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