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The potential hero

Blog post by Lars Muhl from 15 September 2021 Most people have heard of the Butterfly Effect – an idea rooted in Taoism that claims a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the Earth by beating its wings. If only we realised the extent to which what we...


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White Dove Teachings

Healing workshop

The following videos can be seen for free and are recommended if you want to take part of the White Dove Teachings of the Mystery school of the Essenes and the Therapeuts and their inner teachings. These teachings consists of Gazing into the Mirror; Establishing Sacred Breath; Blessing of the Water; Home in Rukha; The IAO; Sending out The White Dove; The Chariot of Fire; Music of the Spheres; Essene Healing.

The Gate of Light


White Dove Teachings

Now, it all begins.

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