Lars Muhl’s teaching course: Divine Deacon and White Dove Healing



The education is based on Yeshua’s statements in the New Testament and the apocryphal writings. Yeshua spoke Aramaic, a language that differs from other languages ​​because of its built-in multi-existential psychology. This psychology opens up a new and deeper understanding of Yeshua’s words, parables and teachings

“Follow my example, and you shall do greater works than I,” says Yeshua. We take this seriously in the education through theoretical and practical work. The purpose of the training is to give the participant the tools to understand themselves and thereby be able to achieve a more balanced life that is able to handle any kind of crisis.


What exactly does Lars’ teaching consist of?

Both courses are spiritually oriented and deal with, among other things, with following:

1. Review of selected scriptures in Old and New Testament. For example: “And God created man in his own image!”. What or who is God and what images are alluded to in the text? In the Aramaic translation, it appears that God is the Creative Consciousness that is behind everything created. Parallels are drawn to the father of quantum physics, Max Planck, and his statement from 1944: “Everything created exists only as an extension of a creative force. We must assume that behind this power is an overarching intelligent consciousness.” The image in which man is created thus consists of a part of the consciousness that created him. It is this awareness that Jesus alludes to when he points out in the New Testament that the Kingdom of Heaven is within man. So a condition and not a place. This is a basic insight for anyone who starts classes with me.

2. Based on the insight indicated in point 1, work is done with the Aramaic meaning of Heavenly = Malkoota d’Shmeya. The word, like all other Aramaic words and concepts, is made up of so-called root words. In the Aramaic expression for Heaven, we find, for example, SHM in d’Shm-eya. SHM translates as “Name, identity, sound, light (as consciousness), life force, the image of God in which man is created. The ending EYA means translated: Which is forever. It is therefore a question of a power and consciousness in man that can never pass away. It is the light and awareness that Jesus tells us that we humans must never put under a bushel. On the contrary, it must be promoted and realized.

3. This is the awareness we work with in teaching. It is absolutely fundamental that the participants understand this on a deep level. Then begins the meditative work of realizing the state in the participants. As I said, this happens through prayer, meditation, chanting and physical exercises.

The above is just a simple example of how teaching shapes and develops. The ones already mentioned also open up an introduction to what kind of size prayer is and how it works. The same applies to the meditative practices we go through. In the two-year Divine Deacon education, we naturally immerse ourselves more than is possible in the shorter, more free course of study. But many of those who go through the shorter course return to participate in the longer one.

Overview of topic review, which is integrated in different order depending on the topics’ connection with each other:

Explanation and review of the Aramaic concepts used in the teaching.
Purpose and effect of prayer. How it is practiced and integrated into daily life.
Meditation. Review of the forms of meditation that characterize the Christian tradition right back to the pre-Christian era.
Man’s spiritual reality and how to differentiate between physical, psychological and spiritual understanding of being.
Sound, song and movement are integrated into the education. The effect of sound on the whole human being. Song and movement about forms of prayer.
The Aramaic Psychology. Based on selected scriptures in the New Testament as well as the apocryphal writings, the participants are given a deeper understanding of the timeless words of Jesus, which offer a completely new outlook on life and insight into how the words can be put into practice in personal crises.
Healing. Again based on practical examples taken from the above scriptures.
Aramaic Archetypes and Numerology.

Everyone can participate.
See calendar for planned education courses.