You are hereby invited for Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David’s free online winter solstice event on 21 December 2020 from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm (Copenhagen, Denmark time).

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The star of Betlehem will manifest in the sky as a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. Last time it happened is about 600 years ago. So this is a once in a lifetime experience.

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This gathering with meditation and singing will be Lars’ and Githa’s Christmas greeting for everyone. The text of the songs we sing is written below.

Lars will speak about the phenomenon which led the three wise men to Betlehem, and Githa will guide you to let this starlight bless your inner child. This child is still there pure and newborn and is complete and can link each of us to an infinite source of unconditional love (Christ Consciousness).

The Melchizedek alignment

The Star of Betlehem, by Lars Muhl, commented by astrologer Andrew Smith

During December of 7 BCE, a magnificent bright star shone over the western horizon in the early evening skies. Composed of the two biggest planets in the solar system coming into exact alignment in their closest approach to the Earth, that very same star has returned to our evening skies in December 2020 reaching its exact alignment in the late afternoon on the day the Light pauses, the Solstice or 21st of December.

What is significant about this 2020 alignment is that it reflects an opening up of what the mystics of old reversed as a gateway to higher planets of consciousness in the same way that it did 2000 years ago.

But please remember, my friends, that the sky is merely a mirror of life. Mystics look up to look within. The celestial rhythm is the same as the internal rhythm, as much as the external world is a reflection of the inner world. It is one thing to allow yourself to be lead by signs in the sky or anywhere else outside yourself. It is another to prepare yourself for the coming of Christ Within.

Two thousand years ago there existed in Israel a congregation of men and woman, who called themselves ‘The Keepers of the Light’ also known as the Essenes. At the shore of the Dead Sea, at a place that today is named Qumran, they had a university. That was also the dwelling of the Magi, the three wise men, who’s only purpose was to detect and read the signs that would, after 250 years of waiting, eventually lead them to their expected Messiah, their ’Teacher of Righteousness’.

The Essenes where not only skilled astronomers, but also skilled doctors in astrology, as those two disciplines were one and the same. They understood the seeding of a new consciousness was reflected in specific planetary alignments in particular regions of the skies. And as they watched the drawing together of the seekers of knowledge and wisdom, Jupiter and Saturn, they knew that it was now time to do the final preparations for what they called ’The Melchizedek Alignment’. This great alignment heralded the birth of a new consciousness, to be literally embodied within the Messiah/ Christ as a New Age dawned, just as another massive shift in consciousness is taking place now.

Melchizedek (Melchi = King; Zedek = Righteousness) is an interesting, yet enigmatic, Biblical figure. He is first mentioned in the 14th chapter of Genesis after a miraculous victory by Abram (before he was renamed Abraham) and his household over King Chedorlaomer and the numerous armies, which he commanded.

‘And Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was the priest of God Most High. And he blessed him and said: ’Blessed be Abram by God Most High, maker of heaven and earth, and praise be to God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand.’ And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.’ (Genesis 14:18-20)

The knowledge of the Essenes reveals that Melchizedek was an early incarnation of Yeshua. This was recognized many years later, and can be read in the New Testament:

‘For they were made priests without oaths; but this one was made a priest with an oath, as it was said concerning him by David, ’The Lord has sworn, and will not lie: ’Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’ All things make a better covenant because Yeshua is its surety.’ (Hebrews 7:21-22) (Lamsa Translation)

The Essenes knew that when the Star of Melchizedek appeared, it was time for them to add the third component: the activation of Spirit Within. The signs in the heavens are pointers, but their fulfillment can only happen when we recognize the God Consciousness Within. Every human heart is a kind of mirror, that must be polished through prayer and good deeds, so if it should happen, that God suddenly appeared, ‘He will be able to see His own Image clearly and without any flaws in the mirror of our Hearts.’ (Lamu the Essene)

If we are aware of this, we are given a generous gift on the 21st of December. This is the time for us to connect to The Seed of Christ Within through prayer and meditation. This is a huge opportunity to decide to what and whom you want to dedicate the rest of your life.

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See you Monday at 8.00pm. If your shadows are causing you pain, see it as a gift which we will transform when we meditate ourselves into the wonderful light sparkle we all carry within.

Lars & Githa

Mariam Mare

Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria
Mariam Mare
Mariam, Maria.

I saw you there standing
trembling by the cross
you were the thunder and the lightening
that ripped the veil apart
in the Holy of the Holies
You were opening our hearts.

Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria
Mariam Mare
Mariam, Maria.

I saw you there holding
that wounded bird in your hand
saw the tears you were hiding
while you healed it by your command.
It was not for Him you were crying
it was for us.

Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria
Mariam Mare
Mariam, Maria

May God Bless You

May God Bless you
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

’Cause there’s a Light that shines forever
Hidden deep within our hearts
And every breath we take is sacred
Feel it’s Presence in this Now!

May God Bless you
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

And there’s a song that sounds forever
All the way through space and time
Hear it calling, feel it falling
From your heart right into mine!

May God Bless you
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.


May God Bless You
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.


May God Bless You
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

Ana Be Koach

(I am in my center/my power – prayer from the time of Abraham)

Ana – aba be koach
Gedulat yeminchra
Tatir zehura
Kabel rinat – amchra sagveinu
Tahareinu – tahareinu nora
Ana be koach gedulat yeminchra
tatir zehura
Kabel rinat amchra sagveinu
Tahareinu nora
Na gibor dorchshey yichudchra
Kevavat – shomrem
Barachrem taharem
Rachamey tzidekratchra
Tamid gomlem
Hrasin kadoosh
Hrasin kadosh be rov tuvechra
Nahel adotechra
Yahrid ge’ae leyamechra Piney
zohrey kadushatechra
Shavateinu kabel
ushma tzakateinu
yodeia ta’alumoot.

The Heavenly Prayer

(Translation of aramaic prayer: Lars Muhl; melody: Githa Ben-David, 2018 ©)

Heavenly Source
You who are everywhere
Blessed be Your Holy Vibration
Kindle in us the Fire of Your Love
here and now and for evermore
Open our hearts
to the Power of Compassion
and free us from the fetters
with which we bind
ourselves and eachother
Lead us out of temptation
Let us repose in the higher Self
unite with You
Teach us the true Power of Forgiveness
and let our future actions grow
from the ground
of this Holy Moment

With You

(Githa Ben-David, 2018)

With you I have found
a love so gentle quiet and fine
a gift – from God
What else can it be?
How could I be the one
to find this peace?
I did not know this feeling in me

With you I feel found
You mirror who I truely am
We share, we grow
and follow our dreams
Inspiration from angles
like this song
is given from somewhere
high above

No desire no wishes
Our love is true
Thank you God for leading
our souls to you …ad lib.