Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 4 April 2013

Teachers, seers, gurus and inspirers have always been a part of the spiritual path. Some more serious than others.
No matter the teacher’s status, it is important to understand that he himself continues to be an apprentice. To be a teacher is not in itself a desirable goal but a guide, which hopefully points to the ‘right’ direction. Putting ‘right’ in quotation, I do, as no two paths are alike.

In India, according to Sri Nisrgadatta Maharaj, it has even become a profitable livelihood to place a Tikha dot in the forehead, to dress up in the traditional robes and appear as gurus, who recite predictions and give pieces of good advice, in just the suitable weaving phrases, so that no one sees through the usually hackneyed generalities. Still, these gurus often succeed in having people from the west fall for it.
However, as it is said, that any seeking person gets the teacher he needs, there is also a transformation in realising the fraud, and the following process of recovery.

The inner light that beams peacefully and timeless in the heart is our real guru. All others are just temporarily signposts.

Anyone who takes on the therapist’s, the healer’s or the teacher’s archetype may also take on the including responsibility. In my time of apprenticeship with the Seer, and later with Sylvia, they confronted me again and again with this question: ‘Do you realise what you are agreeing to?’ And every time, I answered without knowing any better, ‘sure I do.’

Only later, as I started practising being a therapist, I gained an insight to the secret of the healer’s archetype. And suddenly, I also understood some of Yeshua’s assertions from The New Testament where he points to exactly that fact of taking on the healer’s archetype: ‘A prophet is not welcome in his home town’ and ‘a doctor should not heal his own.’
Because in the home town they know Lars well. Maybe they don’t understand how he is to heal someone as ‘he is just a pop singer’ and ‘we’ve seen him at his heals and in trouble’ etc.

When a person who suffers and is out of balance contacts a therapist, it happens because he (or she) is unable to take on the responsibility for his or her situation. There is a lack of energy and insight. It is that energy and that certainty that the therapist makes available to the sufferer. That is why it is at the utmost importance that the therapist stands firmly on his two feet, well grounded in the healer’s archetype, and has the insight to the duty of this archetype. The therapist knows that any improvement in the client’s condition is exclusively an attribute to the client’s higher Self which is activated in the process, rather than to the therapist as a person. The therapist is simply opening up the sufferer’s eyes and ears for personal access to the highest energies.

‘Woman, thy faith has healed you’, said Yeshua, as a woman had just announced, that she knew she would be healed, if she could only come so close to the master, that it would be possible for her to touch his cape.

Somewhere else, he says, ‘For he who believes, everything is possible.’
This kind of faith in question is not only blind faith in something or someone. Instead it has to do with a deeply rooted intuitive certainty which cannot necessarily be put into words but is shown in the healer’s personal magnetism, in the body language and by his or hers every action.

This way, it is the healer’s job to give meaning to the apparent meaninglessness. And for the one that suffers, it may be difficult to find meaning in the suffering. Therefore, insight and consciousness of the reason for the suffering is the first step towards any kind of recovery and healing NOW!

The seer, the healer and the teacher connect the student to his divine essence. They all show the way, being a mirror in which it is possible to see deeper into oneself. The outer circumstances are changeable and transitory, the inner movements are unchangeable and eternal. When one has problems, there is a tendency to search on the outside which only causes even more suffering. Only when one is deeply rooted in the inner divine essence, healing is possible.

A healer or teacher makes himself available to the highest power. When a person plays along it must always be to the duty of the highest. When the person’s presence or cooperation is no longer needed, he should step aside.

As healer or teacher you may experience that your clients or students express that you have visited them in their nightly dreams. This may give reason to believe that a bi-location (the ability to be several places at once) has taken place. When a healer makes himself available, he also makes his likeness available. Which is what the client or student uses as a substitute or a pleasant picture of his own higher Self which the person is not yet able to take on.

For the extraordinary experienced healer or teacher, it is however possible to contact a student or client in other levels of consciousness and in dreams at night. In this case it is done as an important part of healing, and as far as possible, a permission should be given. By the client himself or by a higher place.

At the age of 30, Yeshua took on the Teacher’s, the Healer’s and the Redeemer’s archetype, unconditionally. The person was explained and transformed at Mount Tabor, and therefore completely absorbed by the higher Self, the Messiah-Christ aspect.

This was made a benefice to us, as an illustration of imitation. ‘If you follow my example, you will be able to do even greater wonders than I’ (Yeshua).