Article for the German Engel Magazin from 2020
Text by Naleea Landmann, photos by Anders Rye Skjoldjensen

At the other end of the line Lars Muhl answers in a bright voice as I call him at our arranged time for a talk about the Divine Presence.
“Just a moment -”
I can hear a beautiful melody in the background.
“Okay!” He just made himself a cup of tea – “but now-“ he says, he would be “all ears.”
What is this music? …
– “‘Sure On This Shining Night’, by Morten Lauridsen, in an interpretation by Vox Humana, would I know the piece?”
I listen for a few moments and feel this deep astonishment … about the beauty of sound, and the warmth that spreads in my heart through voices in harmony with each other – this inner opening of a soul space that we can enter or create within ourselves through what we call ‘art’.

“Never forget that we were meant to be healers, poets, storytellers, dancers and singers.”
(‘The God Formula’)

– is the last sentence in his new book, ‘The God Formula’. As always, when I hear or read it, it opens my heart and makes me smile.
At the same time, there is this question: But aren’t there many people who think they can’t sing or dance, have ‘no talent’ for language, or no courage or self-confidence to raise their voice and tell a story? Let alone call themselves ‘healers’?

“Yes, that’s exactly the point!” – I can hear the enthusiasm in his voice – “People live in external judgement with themselves, and in the judgement of others as well, rather than being in an internalised experience of one’s inner and outer reality. This is the key to experiencing the Divine Presence. Moving from the mindset of ‘Wanting to know’ to allowing the experience of ‘What is’ in front of us. From the ‘Wanting to make things work’ to letting it unfold, accompanying it, feeling it.”

So there is always this either-or? This choice?
“Yes, we always have a choice. However, it is rather an ‘as-well-as’, because we are in a process of unfolding, and it is important that we accompany ourselves within the loving compassion of our heart, instead of believing that we have to follow the black-and-white thinking of our intellect.
Freedom and presence is created or perceived when we make every decision in the frequency of love.
For example, I have decided to play exactly this music. And just now you have decided to actually listen to it. To perceive it. We could have been so preoccupied with our personalities that we wouldn’t have really noticed or heard it.”
He laughs softly: “Yes, that’s how it is, every moment is filled with potential, with so many choices… and isn’t it exciting? Witnessing how we choose our well-known paths on so many occasions instead of following our hearts and truthfulness?”

“Since the very day you were born, a whole world of well-meaning individuals – your family, your teachers, your friends, partners, opinion makers, celebrities, artists, gurus, the government and other authorities – have tried to initiate you into the game of life. All of us have been raised according to the norms and dogmas of the society we belong to. Although many of us remember that we made a conscious choice regarding the time and destination of our incarnation, these norms can be perceived by us as limiting. They might have caused many painful experiences in our life. But what if we choose to classify them only as the status quo of a world into which we have arrived? A status quo we surely do not have to bow down to, and which only is the starting point of our journey back to the freedom we originally came from – once we decide to listen and follow the wisdom of our own heart. We would stop asking questions like: What behaviour is considered approvable? What moral codex, which concepts about the world or view of humanity are permitted, expected, accepted, and which aren’t? Imagine letting go of all these thought structures, imagine a gateway you are now passing through: from now on, by the power of your decision in this very moment, you are living your life as a witness of this game of the world, without identifying with it anymore.”
(‘The God Formula’)

So is it about a daily remembering? An active recalling of our freedom and the awareness that we have a choice in every moment?
“Yes, and in the end there is always only one choice, no matter what the situation is, no matter what ‘costumes’ it wears – whether we are at odds with someone, whether we are feeling loneliness, helplessness, inner restlessness, whether we are judging, or feeling judged ourselves – whatever it is, the choice is this: Do I remain in the state that occupies my attention, occupies my thoughts and feelings – and in the identification with it? Or do I open myself to the presence of union, companionship, solution, truth, peace and love? All of these are ‘attributes’ that we have ‘parked out’, so to speak, and which we associate with the all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful Divine Principle, or God. Unfortunately, however, we hardly ever associate those with us, our selves – and certainly not with the possibility of actually integrating and expressing them in our everyday life with our personalities.
But what if that is what it’s all about? That – and nothing else?
What if this would be our only reason for ‘being’ – and for being here: to be in touch with the vibration of our origins, to be in touch with our vibration as an ‘image of God”?

““God created man in His image. As man and woman, He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)
We are created in The Image of God … How are we to understand this? What does God look like? What kind of image are we talking about? And if we really are created in His image, we must be co-creators! Isn’t that what we have been told so many times – again and again: that we humans are supposed to be co-creators, and that this potential of ours only awaits its activation? So what if that Divine Image we were created in would be a Power or an Energy? (… ) Here I found my way back all the way to the beginning, exactly where I started from: If I allow the thought that the Image of God, in which we were created, is a Power – is that not precisely the Power Yeshua speaks about when he says to us in The Gospel of Luke and The Gospel of Thomas: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!”?”
(‘The God Formula’)

“The Kingdom of Heaven is therefore not some obscure place that is somewhere ‘up there in heaven’, but rather a state and a power that is present in the inner man – and also vibrates all around him. The Kingdom of Heaven is simply the true element for man, just as water is the true element for a fish. In it you live and breathe. God is not a concept, but the Creating Consciousness behind all creation. In this consciousness you are safe and secure, you are held and guided, it is omnipresent and unchangeable, and you can contact it and it’s vibration at any time.
To feel this vibration, to perceive it, to perceive it as reality in and around you, and not to bury it under mountains of musing, questioning or emotional identification is the purpose of every spiritual practice.”

“At the dawn of time, God sent His first thought out into the endless void of possibilities. That thought consisted of equal parts sound and light. When we read in the Gospel of John that “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God”, we need to turn to the Aramaic version of that Gospel in order to understand that sentence. Here we read that the Aramaic expression milta, which is merely translated into Greek as ‘the word’, means in reality creative power made conscious, and that power is God’s creative power. The Aramaic root-word SHM expresses the creative power made conscious, which is talked about in the Gospels. By sending His consciousness and, therefore His creative light (His SHM), out into the darkness, God made the unconscious conscious and so created what today’s physicists call the intelligent universe.”
(‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’)

The process of becoming conscious as the meaning and purpose of our existence? Becoming ‘clearer’ and ‘lighter’? Or can we maybe only recognise a meaning when we experience ‘being in the light’?, as it will only be revealed to us at a certain level of consciousness?
– While I hear myself speak these words, I am realising that I am asking myself this question as much as I am directing it to him.
”Perhaps both. Or maybe neither. For perhaps the need to ask and recognise a meaning will disappear to the extent that knowledge and answers will settle down within us.”

After such a statement, one can actually end any conversation – and instead sit in silence together for the rest of the time – or go to the freezer and eat a chocolate ice cream.
I choose neither of these options.
In a flash I remember the ending of the documentary ‘The Seer’, where the following words are projected on the screen, held by the beautiful music of Beethoven, the adagio from his 9th symphony:

“You yourself are the abyss opening below you as well as the bridge you must cross. You are the path you must follow and the mountain you have to climb. You are the cave you must find and enter. And when you rest there you’ll realise that you are the cloud above you in the sky, that you are the rain falling and evaporating again; you are the drop of water that will soon become the ocean. That is when you will know God.”

Asking questions is always a good way to buy time, so one can eventually feel the ground under one’s feet again.
The first question that comes to my mind is this one:
What role do prayers and scriptures or wisdom texts play in his own practice?

“First of all, I must say that the word ‘spiritual practice’ or ‘practice’ is misleading, like so many words, because it marks or creates or gives the appearance of a state that is separate from the rest of one’s being. The ‘spiritual practitioner Lars’ emerges, and at another time the one who cooks, one who plays the piano, one who walks in the forest and one who goes shopping. Of course, in truth there is no difference between sitting on a meditation cushion and pushing a shopping cart. Only our thinking wants to divide our life into different sections and affiliations of themes to places and time periods. When people come to me to a workshop-weekend I always say: “Welcome to the break! On Monday the ‘workshop’ will start again for all of us. In the meantime, we can simply be together in the present throughout this weekend – experience peace together and experience surrender, knowledge and remembrance through silence, singing and prayer.””

Of course he also wishes to be a vessel that helps to keep the old knowledge in modern times’ memory and to help people to understand it deeply, but he feels that his main task is to convey the experience of being connected. He is convinced that people only really learn something, only really get involved in a change, when they have experienced or lived something themselves.
Through such an experience, whether in a group or in one’s own meditation, it will be easier to get out of the patterns of behaviour and roles we have become accustomed to.

“Taking time for a practice every day, when you are back in the ‘workshop’ of your life, will help you to establish and hold a harmonious field within yourself and around you.“
Speaking or singing prayers, working with the breath and reading sacred texts are means for him to increase vibrations or frequencies, which allow or enable him to move from ‘the world of questions’ to the ‘world of answers’.

“I call this higher State of Perception The World of Answers. Most people try to find the answers to their questions in a place we could call the world of questions, which is the world as we know it, including the consciousness we are using to navigate in it on an everyday-level. Answers to your questions cannot be found in the world of questions.
The answers we can find here are one-dimensional and only temporary.
In order to find long-term solutions and Eternal Wisdom, we must resort to The World of Answers,
which begins where human intellect and three-dimensional reality cease to exist.”
(‘The God Formula’)

“We have so many questions, and we usually look for the answers outside ourselves.”
Can there ever be an answer that is truly right for us, if it is not born out of ourselves, but carries the view, experience and vibration of someone else?

“Before I met my teacher, the seer and healer Calle de Montsegur, I never really practiced what I read. I was a walking library, accumulating mountains of knowledge around me – and then I met someone in him who has read almost nothing. Instead, he was in constant contact with different levels of reality and truth, his own intuition, and his ‘board of directors’, as he called the team of spirit guides he was connected with.”

“He made me turn my knowledge into wisdom – which always happens when one is reading or listening to a text, while staying in touch with its source, feeling its frequency or pulsation flowing through you, instead of just reading, wanting to analyse, classify, or understand it intellectually, and thereby building a wall between oneself and its essence.”
In the German word ‘erfassen’ (to grasp) lays this experience of understanding for which we need our heart and our mind in union, and perhaps our soul as well, instead of the sole classifying and sorting of our intellect.

When I ask him which inner practice or which scripture is the one that helps him most to return to the present, he does not need to think long about an answer: It is the work with the Holy Spirit, in Aramaic ‘Rukha d’Koodsha’, because it completely removes his focus from a personal desire to influence a situation – from which “we in our personality are just never completely free.”
At my request we agree on: “At least not yet.”
And I feel joy in the decision to track down and identify this belief or thought structure I know well from myself, allowing it to be transformed once again.

As he describes in ‘The God Formula’, the practice ‘The Prayer of the Holy Spirit’ is connected to the manifestation of The Kingdom of Heaven, ‘Malkoota d’Shmeya’, the vibration of all-encompassing love, the pure presence of the ‘One Being’. In his experience, this prayer resolves all forms of tension and opens every given situation to the expression of the Supreme Good of all concerned. I ask if he would share the way he experiences the prayer?

“Enter into an inner space of silence. Connect with your body consciousness, find a position that allows your mind to be both relaxed and attentive. Connect with your breath. Notice how it flows in and out of your body. Being breathed in, stomach goes out, being breathed out, stomach goes in. Feel how you are breathing, you don’t have to do anything, just enjoy the movement within you.
Then connect to your heart chakra and imagine how the vibration of the Holy Spirit, ‘Rukha d’Koodsha’, flows into your heart as you breathe in, filling it and merging with your essence. As the impulse for the next exhale comes, let the energy flow out of your heart with the creating thought Heavenly Kingdom, ‘Malkoota d’Shmeya’. Let it flow either into the space around you, to a person or let it enter into a situation. Now just follow your inhalation and exhalation, and keep connecting with The Holy Spirit and establishing The Heavenly Kingdom – and experience the field you create through this. Allow every thought that arrives to come and leave again – without the desire to hold on to what you see or hear. Remember Yeshua’s words: “Thoughts are a river You do not need to jump into”. Just allow them to float by. Remain in the peaceful space of being carried, being breathed and being guided as long as you like. Listen, be present and attentive.”

“If you find the Aramaic language to be too foreign-sounding and challenging for yourself, use the English words Holy Spirit and Kingdom of Heaven. It is essential that you are able to connect with the prayer on a deep level.
I have spoken The prayer of The Holy Spirit many times in the following way, and it has yielded fruitful results:

“Come Holy Spirit”
“Kingdom of Heaven Now!”

It is possible to integrate this prayer with the breathing technique in such a way that you can practice it for hours, a whole day, even several days, while still being involved in the matters of the world. Indeed, the practitioner will soon discover that everything in his or her everyday-life works much better with The Prayer of the Holy Spirit as their spiritual sounding board.”
(‘The God Formula’)

“Breath is the shortest way to God. Imagine that you are at one end of the breath while God is at the other end. So with each breath you communicate with God. The breath is like a bridge from you to God, and from God to you. When you leave the physical world, you walk over the bridge for the last time and ‘cross over’ to God, while you give up the spirit and lay down the body like a cloak that has done its service. Suppose that the ether around you resembles The Kingdom of Heaven, then with each breath you merge with the whole Universe and Divine Consciousness. If you understand this, anything is possible.”

So is it always about the raising of vibration, which will then lift you out of the level of everyday life and the habitual and accustomed behaviors of our personality?
“Yes, exactly that – and each person must find their own ways to experience this raising.”

“Stay with this practice of visualisation of Perfection and Oneness in your everyday life. Radiate this Consciousness towards all aspects, levels and layers of your self, and towards those of other people, beings and places – in your thoughts and feelings, in movement and stillness. It can be done through holding an inner picture that brings joy to your heart, sending a blessing, walking in a golden sphere of Light, greeting a tree, feeling a ray of sunlight, whispering a mantra, singing a song, beaming out gratitude, merging with your breath, sharing a smile – whatever raises your frequency. At some point the visualisation of Perfection and Oneness will be exchanged to realisation. Once you are in that process, illusion will disappear, giving way to the Presence of Truth and Reality.
It will happen in its own time, ever unfolding into deeper levels of Awareness and Love.
This process is carried by your dedication and surrender to the One.”
(‘The God Formula’)

“For one person, the key to The Divine Presence is found in art, for example singing, or writing poetry; for another, to be in nature or to care for a loved one, to read a sacred text, to pet a little cat – but it is important that we do not build all this into our personal ‘ivory tower’, setting things in stone. But to see it for what it is: A tool for reaching the vibration of the One Being, which is in us anyway – but to which we have to find access and activate it, so to speak, in order to experience it in our everyday life. Until at some point we discard all kinds of ‘techniques’, ‘applications’, ‘preferences’, and participate in the enfolding of a day or a lifetime in simplicity and contentment, without wanting to influence it – the same way we allow our breath to unfold itself, without influencing or correcting it in any way. It is about following one’s own voice or intuition, which is always in harmony with the Unity Consciousness, rather than finding rules and structures that might seem to help us, but in reality keep us trapped in definitions and maintain illusions of separation.
The Divine Presence is always ‘there’ – for after all, there is nothing that it does not contain or encompasses.
The well-known saying of the oracle of Delphi reminds us to put not the ritual itself, but the feeling of being connected through a ritual in the focus of our consciousness: ‘Summoned or not summoned, God will be there’.“

“If we carry the consciousness of reflection, or resonance (re-sonare: echoing), the echoing of the Divine Being, we can really begin to integrate the qualities we feel as ‘divine’ into our daily lives. To live as ‘gods’. In John 10:34 and 35 you will find the following insights:
“Is it not written in your law, I have said, ‘You are gods’?” So the law uses the word ‘gods’ for those to whom the word of God is addressed.
Shouldn’t this then also be an encouragement for us to accept the so-called ‘divine’ qualities as appropriate for us, as qualities that truly belong to us?”

In ‘The God Formula’ Lars speaks of Eternity, Movement, Unconditional Love and Compassion as the so-called female aspects of the Divine Principle, and of Unity, Silence, Precision and Complete Presence as the male Divine Aspects.

“Once activated, they are the next step for humankind towards a higher level of Consciousness. Now, you must contemplate and meditate on these qualities – and continuously remember them – in order for you to integrate and apply them into your everyday life.”
(‘The God Formula’)

Why does he think that we as human beings would so often choose exactly the opposite qualities, even though we are actually already aware that by doing so we only hurt the other person and ourselves?
“It is probably a mix of habit, sticking to our old patterns and distrust in the Divine Presence.”

Oh yes, distrust – I can so relate to this… And the suspicion about effortlessness… Because our personality says: Really? Could it be that easy? And this question already shows the thorn of doubt… because otherwise one would feel something like: Really? Did I hear ‘easy’? Great!, let’s surf the waves – perfect wind – everywhere love – everywhere freedom – everywhere communion!

“That’s it.” There is a new tone in his voice. “And so we sit together and discuss the matters of the world with a glass of red wine or a cup of tea – instead of joining as humankind those waves of Divine Presence and The Holy Spirit.”
“May it be us as a family, a group of colleagues, school mates, a religious community or just some people that spend time together between two stations in a carriage of a tram line: Each moment of a meeting holds a powerful potential in itself that can unfold through our awareness into Holiness and Grace, entering as a celebration of Light into the records of The Book of Life – or as playground and venue for our personalities, dominating or passively allowing whatever is appearing to flow past us, straight into the sea of arbitrariness and oblivion.“

“When I started to work with my teacher, the seer Calle de Montségur, one of the first challenges he threw at me, was a practice he called ‘Gazing into the Mirror’. He asked me to stand half a meter in front of him, centering my eyes into his. For one hour, I was traveling through foreign universes and into strange landscapes of the soul, where many different shapes and forms, sensations and insights opened themselves to me. I first thought
that those realms, images and revelations I was allowed to see, belonged to him – but much later I discovered them to be parts of higher States of Consciousness that belong to all of us. The essence of what ‘showed up’ in that moment was called forward by my resonance with certain aspects of his being, his levels of allowance, as well as the shared field that opened through our connection. Glimpses of former lifetimes can be experienced through this practice, meetings with layers of one’s shadows and seemingly unwanted parts of the personality, as well as the most striking revelations of beauty and wisdom. Unfortunately, these levels of Consciousness are not so easily reached, because most of us hide behind layers of guilt, shame and fright that have to be acknowledged and transformed before we are able to get access to those higher grounds. Once you are in the process of the practice, welcome everything and anything that appears, without any form of judgement – go beyond the ’good or bad’, ’helpful or painful’, ’illusion or delusion’ – and enjoy just sitting with the presence that is building up between the other and yourself. When we look into the eyes of a new-born baby or into the eyes of children before they reach the age when humans ‘eat of the forbidden fruit’, there are no barriers to be seen or felt. We are gazing into the purest form of Wisdom and Unconditional Presence. Later, when we are going through the enfolding motions of our life, this presence seems to vanish behind endless layers of all kinds of contamination and resistance, fear and veils of forgetfulness. We hide behind fake appearances, masks, roles, deals, identifications and behaviours because we have no trust in our true being. Most people greet and hug each other through a protective layer or wall that has been build up by their personalities. Even lovers lay with each other without allowing the one in front of them to really witness – and enter into – their Inner Being. This wall protects and restricts us from seeing and being seen – from finding and being found. The doors to The Heavenly Kingdom stays well-guarded and tightly closed – maybe because we are afraid that we are going to disappear within the other and loose our selves. But the opposite is true: we will find ourself. Find our Self, through the connection with the other, in so many new aspects and encounters that can only be described as an abundance of Gifts of the Soul. To me, there is no other or higher form of intimacy between two people than the ‘Gazing into the Mirror’. I haven’t come around anything like it – if we let it lead, it will show us, in such a gentle way, who we really are. At that moment, when we are looking through all of our own as well as the others personal noise, we are being healed by the Light and the Freedom of the Glorious Presence of the One, That is to be found within each one of us.

I AM Your eyes, receiving You while being received by You.
I allow all barriers to be removed,
I allow the Allowance.
I AM the Presence of the One.”
(‘The God Formula’)

“It’s about not letting anything or anyone stop you to truly feel the Love and Glory of The Divine Presence in your daily life. Neither parts of our own personality, and situations that arise when we are entangled with that part of us, nor of those of other people around us. We have this unique opportunity to experience Heaven on earth already here in this incarnation. For ‘Heaven’ is a vibration. A vibration out of which it will be perfectly natural for us to live in true compassion for all beings on this planet, with a genuine interest in each other, sharing our gifts and following our intuitions and hearts, instead of obeying ideas and rules of a long gone time, which we do not have to invite again and again into our present world-frequencies. In The New Testament you will find in Matthew and Luke: “From the bottom of your heart, first connect with His ‘Malkoot’ (Aramaic: Kingdom) and with righteousness, and then all other things will be given to you as well.””

“Remember: We are in this world, not from this world. We do not need to keep reacting to the events surrounding us. We can choose to find the most loving word, the most peaceful vibration, the most mindful action while connecting with each other.”
He pauses for a moment. Then he starts again: “Can we finally allow ourselves to leave the role of the disciple and live as masters? Or, even truer, to drop all classifications? Allowing the presence of being, instead of any form of pretending, wanting or desiring to be someone or something?
And, as well: Being instead of ‘practicing’? Without allowing our personality to let off steam in insinuating effusions of megalomania or inadequacy, depending on the taste and the shape of our daily form?”

“In fact, one can visualize and manifest anything one wants. But if, for example, one prays for wealth, luxury, things, it’s important to know of the existence of the Law of Light in the inner Kingdom, which actually determines the result of your prayers as well as your ‘doings’ and ‘beings’. Which direction, which choice do we wish to take? If one wishes for wealth it’s a good idea to ask oneself ‘Why?’ and to be clear what one intends to use it for, before praying for it. Every kind of egotism and greed is rewarded with precisely the same egotism and greed, and the will of the ego is a treacherous opponent in a person’s life, which can be extremely difficult to discern. The ego can also express its wish to help those in need. The difference between a person driven by ego and a transfigured person lies in this: the former wants to be rewarded for his efforts, whereas the transfigured person is merely trying to live up to their true nature. The ego is always searching for recognition, attention and influence and can achieve amazing results, but in the end, when the final test comes, shows itself to be the very obstacle blocking that person’s transfiguration. It is into this mystery that Yeshua the Nazarene and Mariam the Magdalene wish to initiate all of us.

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could move mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself in unseemly fashion, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but where there are prophecies, they shall fail; or speaking in tongues, they shall cease; or knowledge, it shall vanish away, for we know in part, and we prophecy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then will we see face to face: now I know in part but then shall I know even as I also am known. And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE.”
(First letter to the Corinthians 13:1-13)”
( ‘The wisdom of a Broken Heart’)

“If there is one term left at all, it would be that of ‘The servant’. The servant, who, in freedom, serves only one master, the One Source, and who knows he is an personified expression of this source, living his life without wanting to add or take anything away from that what has been given to him.”

This reminds me of the prayer of a friend of mine, through which she has experienced many healings within herself: “God created man perfectly, man can neither add to that nor take away anything from that perfection.”

He listens, and immediately connects with the vibration of the prayer:
“Exactly, because what happens when she says that? She identifies herself with the world of answers, not with the world of questions! If someone experiences pain or a problem of some kind, and he or she just doesn’t go into a contemplation of, for example, “Why does this keep happening to me? – Why do I have pain although I meditate, heal, fast, etc.”, this will help to provide a vibrational environment where healing can happen. Thoughts like those would keep oneself in a frequency that can’t help you, as they shut oneself out from the Presence. However, when she accepts: “God created man perfectly”, she goes beyond the frequency of suffering or doubt, so that answers and healing can come to her. A book falls off the bookshelf that you are supposed to read, and through it you receive information or experience a transformation, a friend calls, someone comes by and offers you a job, you find the perfect doctor or surgeon, whatever is needed will come when you step out of the vibration of the suffering.”

“However, it’s also a knowledge that needs to be ‘held on to’. Words and thoughts that need to be filled. Instead of mumbling it to oneself for two minutes, it must be spoken with a feeling of unrestricted truthfulness, so that it can never ‘fall off’ or slip from the vibration of accomplishment into doubt. Just like playing a tone on a flute – when you stop playing, the tone or melody can no longer be heard. Equally to that, the Divine Presence, whose presence brings everything into harmony and perfection for us, can no longer be felt if we are not in active contact with it.”

What advise would he give to people who do not yet have this certainty of accomplishment within themselves?
“First of all, I would ask them to appreciate and be happy that they already notice when they sabotage themselves, for example when they don’t trust themselves with a situation or subject or when one allows one’s partner to ‘push our buttons’ in a relationship.
Because awareness of my issues is the first step towards freedom. This is actually the most important step of awakening. To feel gratitude that you have already taken this step, that you have already been able to free yourself from the veil of the unconscious to such an extent that you notice when you react. This will open the next door for you: Then it will also be possible for you to change your behaviour while you react. Then things become really exciting! Maybe you hear yourself talking with a loud or stressed voice. You feel your body getting tense. You notice – hey, I wanted to do that differently. Then you might make yourself remember the vastness of your heart that you felt in your morning meditation, or the connection to the Holy Breath – and you allow yourself to drop the ‘reacting’ and practise the ‘acting’. Taking conscious action, instead of allowing your unconscious to run and rule you. You pause – and change the vibration. Your voice changes, your breath changes, and your thoughts and feelings change. You allow yourself to enter into a frequency of what you really want to experience right now, no matter what the outer situation is, instead of believing you have to carry at all times the tight armour of your personality, which wants to be loved and appreciated, and of course is always right about anything and everything.”
I hear a laugh in his voice.
His words remind me of one of the prayers in the last chapter of ‘The God Formula’:

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is discord, union;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master,
grant me that I not so much
seek to be consoled, as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

It is called ‘The Peace Prayer’ of St. Francis of Assisi, and the vibration of the omnipotence of the Presence of the One can be felt in every line.

“If we humans will truly understand this… That loving is love! Not being loved. Because therein lies always an identification with form and habit. Deals. With emotionality, which we have replaced for the perception of the vibration of love as an universal force.”

I share with him that wonderful question which I once read and never forgot, and which has completely changed my awareness in the very minute I heard it:
“Do you want to be right? – Or do you want to be love?” … On countless occasions it has helped me to see through some really good tricks from my personality, rolling out the big movies of unfair!, unkind!, untrue!, too much!, too little!, too loud!, too cold! how could she?, why didn’t he?… So amazing to notice. And to deal with the resistance of dropping the story. And then allowing love to enter once again… walking in with shoes made of feathers…

“The heart is your true temple and sanctuary. It is here you can turn your clenched, down-turned (=unconscious) fist upwards, open it and allow the tender bird (your awareness) to freely fly. The old monk on Athos asks his pupil to meditate like a bird. You can use the mantra “I am love”, whilst visualising your breathing flowing in and out through the Heart. Let go of all your reservations and submit yourself utterly to the endless universe within your heart. Merge with the intense silence that reigns here. This silence is not the absence of something, but rather a sanctification of everything. Allow Grace to suffuse you with the mystery of life. Allow yourself to be baptised in the fire and water of the Holy Spirit. If you are planning to use your hands for healing it will be very benificial to lay your left hand over the heart centre and then lay your right hand on top of your left. Draw your breath in and out through your hands and heart and be aware of the healing energy flowing into your hands.”
(‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’)

“Prayer is the most powerful means to maintain the trust and certainty we have just spoken of. Prayer and also praise, whereby for the latter one must of course already be in the frequency of gratitude and certainty. Many people who are more connected with the practice of meditation than with the practice of prayer ask me to whom or what they should pray. Only each one can decide that for himself. For one person it is important to be in daily contact with his guardian angel, another person perceives a team of spirit helpers around him and connects in receiving and exchanging their vibrations, a third person merges with his Higher Self and another person vibrates in connection with an Ascended Master, the Holy Spirit, the Christ Consciousness, the Universal Source or God.
All of this could be forms of prayer, for ‘a prayer’ is simply the devotion to sharing your self with something or someone you feel confidence in and connection with, and then listening to and perceiving the change that has occurred within you as a result.
And “Our prayers must reach higher than our ceiling””, he quotes Annalee Skarin. “This means that a praying person has to merge with the vibration of what he is praying for, and also with the vibration of the Principle or Presence to which he is praying, so that the frequency of his own field, which is formed by his daily thoughts, feelings and actions, can leave this ‘everyday dimension’ and thereby receive transformative and manifesting power.”

I recall that he once said in an interview that he is in contact with his guardian angel every day, and I ask him how he consciously met her for the first time.
On a car trip in northern France, he had lost control of his car. He remembers he had been exhausted, and must have fallen asleep behind the wheel. In retrospect, he heard from a couple who were driving in a car behind him at the time of the accident that his car had shot down a slope at high speed over the road’s crash barrier, overturned several times and then came to a halt. While the wife remained in their car in a state of shock at the top of the road, the husband immediately ran down the slope to help Lars.
He found him lying a few meters away from the car and pulled him even further to a safe distance in case the car exploded.
“I remember that at that time I found it very strange that the guy did not speak at all to the beautiful woman standing right next to him, who had helped me to crawl out of the car just before. It was as if he was ignoring her on purpose. I could not explain it to myself, but I was too weak to pursue the thought any further. While I was still dazed, I heard him calling for an ambulance, and at the same time the voice of this young woman wearing a necklace with an isosceles cross: “If you can survive this, you can survive anything”. A deep peace spread within me. Her eyes and her smile kept me in a state of security and confidence. “Don’t worry. We have taken care of everything” were the last words I heard from her as the paramedics closed the doors of the ambulance in front of her. I could still see her smile, and a hand gesture as if she was waving to me… The course of the examinations at the hospital showed that my body had not received any serious injuries, which was an inexplicable miracle in the eyes of the two witnesses of the accident. Of course I was in pain, but nevertheless I felt myself being held in this vibration of peace, which does not ask questions or allow any struggle with the situation – why the accident had happened, why I had not taken a break, or similar inner monologues. And of course, as you can already imagine, I found out afterwards that the man who had so courageously rushed to my aid had at no time perceived ‘the young woman’, since she only manifested herself for my field of consciousness and vibration. And then I understood who she was… It had not been important for the plan and implementation of my rescue that he could see her – otherwise he would have seen her. He could play his ‘role’ in this event without the Heavenly Forces having to show themselves to him. Who knows, if he too, like his wife, had remained in a state of shock, perhaps he would have received a vision of her or felt some other heavenly ‘push’? I, for one, am certain that I have been allowed to experience the grace of the manifestation of my guardian angel because without her appearance in this experience, I – or my body and subconscious mind – would have either received permanent physical and emotional damage, or perhaps I would have left this incarnation at that time. Since that day I have been communicating with her every day. Her presence has become a part of my field. I am infinitely grateful for her existence, and I feel a perpetual vibration of her loving and healing power within me. This made me realise that we can express so much more than our own personality. The moment we allow the vibrations of cosmic qualities to flow through us, we experience a kind of inner healing, cleansing and opening, or expansion of our life plan or our life perspective.”

“In the tradition of The Keepers of Light, or the Essenes, angels are representing different qualities, frequencies and aspects of the Divine Principle, which were activated in the Moment of Creation.”
(‘The God Formula’)

The four archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael – are represented there as carriers and bearers of the following cosmic qualities:

“Micha-el =
God’s image in man.
The one who is equal to God.
Gabri-el =
God’s Messenger to man.
Represents the highest intuition or access to the Book of Life.
Uri-el =
God’s Fire.
Metaphor for the awakening of the individual,
as well as the subsequent internal and external cleansing.
Rapha-el =
God’s Healing.
A healing that always seeks the cause of suffering.
Shekinah =
God’s Feminine Principle of manifestation.
Yeshua/Messiach =
God’s delegated saviour.
The Anointed One. God’s Chosen One.

Allow each of these qualities to enter your awareness, open yourself to their energies,
and call them into your energetic field.”
(‘The God Formula’)

There is a prayer to this tradition, ‘The Chariot of Fire Prayer’, which comes from the meditation practice of the Prophet Elijah, and which is described in the book ‘The God Formula’, as well as in a documentary called ‘The Gate of Light’ which can be watched on Youtube here (at 16:44):
This manifestation prayer calls the four archangels, the creating vibration of the Divine Principle, the Shekina and the presence of Yeshua into one field.

“Through the years of working with the Presence of Oneness, I have experienced an inner necessity to integrate the Essence of Mariam the Magdalene whenever I mention Yeshua’s name.
I either refer to her, utter her name or call in her vibration silently.

“Mariam the Magdalene –
Mariam the Exalted One.
Mariam Mare –
Mariam the Master.”

Whenever you wish to connect with her, you can call her with one of these names –
in the highest frequency of Love and Reverence.
In my practice of ‘The Chariot of Fire Prayer’ I have added a chant, which is dedicated to her,
and which I always sing once the prayer has found its completion.”
(‘Gateways & passwords to Heaven’ on Youtube (at 23:44):
(‘The God Formula’)

“If you decide to work with the ‘Prayer of the Fire Chariot’, please always integrate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for the long line of souls of the incarnated Guardians of Light, or Essenes, who made it possible for it to be kept alive over a period of three thousand years, and to find its way to you today.”

“But you can also find your own prayer, in fact I have observed many times and have been confirmed by reports from others that a prayer is most powerful when someone finds his or her own words, directly and simply, from his or her heart. Why don’t you give it a try now?”

There is a moment of silence. A prayer to my guardian angel… A thousand thoughts shoot through my mind at the same time. Breathing out, I close my eyes. I can feel my beating heart, as I gently touch my chest with my hands – “My Dearest One, let me feel Your Being close to me today. Please help me to feel the Divine Presence of the One and help me to enter into it in every moment. Let me vibrate with you in love and lightness, as well as with every being and every place to which you direct my steps. Let me speak words of love, let my eyes see peace and let my heart give confidence and sweetness. In joy, love and peaceful safety I thank You so much, for I know You are with me always.”
“Beautiful. And do you feel what I meant? Because it comes from you, it also has infinite power for yourself.”

This is a prayer from Lars, which can be found in last chapter of ‘The God Formula’:

“Keep watch with me, Angels,
keep watch with me today.
Allow all of O’s sacred thoughts
to surround me and be still with me
as The Son of Heaven is born.
Let earthly sounds cease
and let all noise disappear.
Let Christ shine within me
where He has His abode.
And let Him speak the words that release
my eyes into seeing only Gods love
wherever I go.
Open my heart to Him
for He is reborn within me today.”

The longer we talk, the more peaceful I feel. What a profound experience… my intellect can immediately classify it – here the ‘law of resonance’ is at work: When I talk about the Divine Presence with someone, ask questions about it, exchange experiences, speak or listen to blessings and prayers, Its vibration will be felt more clearly to me or in me. How I look forward to experiencing this vibration one day, hopefully soon, for all of us on an everyday level –

“Tell your Soul
she shall wear her most beautiful dress tonight.
Tell her, the time has come:
The stars gave their blessing.
What happens now
leads closer to the Light.
(Hans Kruppa)”
(‘The God Formula’)

I feel that our conversation is coming to an end. It is a nice feeling to know when an encounter has fulfilled its purpose – like a jug that has been filled with water right up to the rim and is now ready and waiting to be served.

After I hang up, I lean back for a moment in my chair and let my gaze wander into the dark evening sky. I remember the music at the beginning of our conversation. ‘Sure On This Shining Night’… The birch trees outside my window move softly in the wind. My heart feels light, and I can almost hear a melody coming out of it…
My eyes wander back into the room and I notice my white standing mirror. I remember ‘The Magic Mirror of the Soul’… I smile and wonder with whom I might try to practice it…

Mentioned music:
‘Sure On This Shining Night’ by Morten Lauridsen:
‘Adagio molto e cantabile’ by Beethoven, 9th symphony:

A shorter version of this conversation was published in the German Engel Magazin in September 2020.