We are very sorry, but due to an unforeseen circumstance, we will have to move the webinar one week ahead from 2 May to 9 May 2020.

Online webinar – ‘The God Formula’ workshop with Lars Muhl in English.

Practical information

Time: Saturday 9 May 2020, at 18.30-21.30 / 6.30-9.30 pm Danish time – Central European Summer Time (CEST)

International times:

United Kingdom: 5.30-8.30 pm British Summer Time (BST)

New York, USA: 12.30-15.30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Los Angeles, USA: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

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After approx one hour of teaching there will be a 30 minute break.
At the end of the webinar, it will be possible to ask questions to Lars Muhl in the chat.


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Early bird price: 99 DKK if you purchase no later than 26 April 2020.
Normal price: 149 DKK.


The webinar will be in English.

Description of the webinar

The God Formula Webinar 2020
For urban angels & other free spirits

‘Tell Your Soul she shall wear her most beautiful dress tonight.
Tell her, the time has come:
The stars gave their blessing.
What happens now leads closer to the Light.’

This is an online workshop based on a whole life of studying and practising sacred language, sacred song and sacred breath.

I teach only what I have experienced myself. The workshop’s main focus will therefore be to unfold the Essence of the Eternal Power within each and everyone of us, that we call God.

We were born in God’s image, and we carry its power right within us. It is our responsibility to take care of its Power of that image and to use it well. But first, we must recognise it to such a degree, that we totally have trust in it. Every human being carries within itself all the knowledge and wisdom there ever was.

We are eternal beings and we are here for a reason. Most humans are not aware of these facts. In order to obtain access to our Inner Kingdom of healing and wisdom, we will use vocal-prayer, body-prayer, chanting and silence. In this way, we are strengthening our connection to our Higher Self. We were meant to be healers, storytellers, prophets, poets, singers and dancers. Together we will heal ourselves, each other and the world.

There will be a Q&A session after the talk. The language will be in easily understood English, but questions can also be asked in German, French and Danish.

May God Bless you
And your loved Ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

’Cause there’s a Light that shines forever
Hidden deep within our hearts
And every breath we take is sacred
Feel it’s Presence in this Now!

May God Bless you
And your loved ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

And there’s a Song that sounds forever
All the way through space and time
Hear it calling, feel it falling
From your heart right into mine!

May God Bless you
And your love ones
May His Light shine
On you always.

Lars Muhl is a Danish teacher, author and musician.
He has been studying spirituality ever since he was young, and the Aramaic language since the 1980’s. He was a student of the seer Calle de Montségur for 9 years, and has written the international bestseller ‘The O Manuscript’ (The Seer, The Magdalene, The Grail), and the books ‘The Law of Light’, ‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’ and ‘The God Formula’.