Blog entry by Lars Muhl from 21 June 2014

Despite the present situation on the planet, human beings are the most advanced civilisation in the Universe today. Our known history is just a speck of dust compared to the history that can be read in The Book of Life. Through time we have been, and are still being visited by other civilisations in the Universe for one reason only: Our capacity for love and compassion.

These qualities are the highest vibrating energies in the Universe, and is the main powers behind Creation. So when alien civilisations, technological more advanced than we, visit us, it is because they want to learn about our capacity for love and compassion, how to cultivate it and how to add it to life. Nowhere else in the universe does feelings play as important an role as on Earth. Nothing can beat the sacred science of Spirit. But we have to realize that capacity.

Despite the fact that we ourselves are in the process of learning the depths of love and compassion, it is this same process that are providing renewed power to the ungoing process of Creation, in which we all play an important and never ending part.

But: as long as greed for money, consumer goodies, power, status and position are our main motivation, we ouselves will never really discover or uderstand the true impact of our capacity for love adn compassion and how it can change and heal everything.

First of all we have to recognize our Heavenly Source, the Great Spirit, God or whatever you like to call it, as the sole creator behind everything. Next we have to recognize one af the many avatars and teachers and their wisdom and teachings, that have gone out from the Heavenly Source and incarnated to show us how to be masters of love and compassion through the Law of Light.

Mercy, justice, cleansing and healing are some of the main ingredients that the universal creation-energies – the so called Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Rafel – are trying to make us rediscover in our everyday life – and this is going on right NOW!

Gratitude towards the Heavenly Source, Gratitude towards the Universe, and Gratitude towards our fellow men, can change the darkest hour to the brightest light in an instant. And this can happen whenever YOU WANT!

Joy instead of punishment – Fulfilment instead of norm – Compassion instead of cynicism – Intimacy instaed of distance – Humour instead of sarcasm ­– Organic instead of mechanical – Dynamic instead of static – Universal instead of national – Generosity instead of greed – Altruism instead of egotism – Enlightenment instead of sedation – Vitality, wisdom and vision instead of cold intellectual knowledge.

I beseech the heavenly forces present to bless this vision so it can freely unfold wherever it is needed. I give thanks because it will be so now. (Amen).

Lars Muhl

PS: An expanded version of ‘The Law of Light – The Secret Teachings of Jesus’ will be out in November 2014 and can already now be ordered on amazon. A documentary filmed in Israel, covering the Sacred Science of Spirit, The Law of Light, will be out also in November 2014.